BBC Weather: Flood alert issued as Carol Kirkwood warns 'sharp thunderstorms' to thrash UK

The wet will affect mostly northern and western parts of the country with Wales, Northern Ireland and the south-east of Scotland getting hit the most. Weather forecaster warned showers will be "thundery" for many but brought good news to those in eastern and southeastern parts of England as Britons there will enjoy another hot and sunny days. She said: “There will be some heavy showers, some sharp showers, and they will be thundery as we go through the course of the morning and into the afternoon.

“Particularly, initially, across south-west England and Wales.

“And then later, across the Midlands, heading into northern England, southern and eastern Scotland.

“But not all of us will catch one.

“So the driest and sunniest conditions will be across some central, eastern and southeastern parts of England.

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“And this is where we’ll have the highest temperatures. 29C in Hull, possibly 33C in London.

“But generally we’re looking at between 14C and 24C.

“Now, through this evening and overnight, we will hang on to a lot of those thundery showers.

“Anywhere in a line from Lincolnshire northwards, towards the northern isles.”

The UK’s weather will turn cooler ahead of the weekend as chilly winds from the north cause temperatures to plunge.

“Towards the middle of the week fresher air will begin to move further across the country and there will be further bands of rain and rumbles of thunder.

“Fresher air will make it feel cooler everywhere by Thursday and at the weekend a north-south split will see drier conditions to the south.”

Thermometers will hover around the 28C (82.4F) mark in the south during the start of the week before dropping by Friday, he said.

The entire country will feel cooler than normal by the weekend as winds start to come in from the north, he added.

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