Boris Johnson ordered to call Corbyn's bluff and hold election NOW – Express poll results

Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly called for an early general election to overcome the Brexit impasse and “change the direction” of the country. His latest calls for a snap vote form part of his plot to block Boris Johnson from leaving the EU without a deal. But yesterday polling guru John Curtice revealed the Labour leader’s plan would be over before it’s even started because he would struggle to gain support from his own Labour MPs due to widespread unpopularity.

In response, asked you, our readers, if the Prime Minister should seize on Mr Corbyn’s unpopularity and hold an early election to call the Labour leader’s bluff.

The poll, conducted from 12.30pm August 23 to 2.30pm August 24, asked: “Should Boris Johnson call Jeremy Corbyn’s bluff and hold a snap election?”

8,913 people responded and 54 percent (4,808 people) responded in favour of a snap vote.

43 percent (3,827 people) voted “no” and three percent (278 people) responded “don’t know”.

But many readers commented on the article to say that Brexit must be delivered before a general election can be called, or the Tories risk being “decimated” by the Brexit Party.

One person wrote: “Leave first on October 31, then call an election.

“Calling an election before we leave will delay Brexit yet again.

“Any further delays to Brexit and the Tories are history.”

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Mr Corbyn launched his bid to block no deal with opposition parties while Mr Johnson was in Berlin holding talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Labour leader said he wanted to discuss “all tactics available to prevent no deal”.

His letter read: “The country is heading into a constitutional and political storm, so it is vital that we meet urgently before Parliament returns.

“The chaos and dislocation of Boris Johnson’s no deal Brexit is real and threatening, as the Government’s leaked Operation Yellowhammer dossier makes crystal clear.

“That’s why we must do everything we can to stop it.”

The letter came after Mr Corbyn wrote to senior opposition politicians last week outlining proposals to call a vote of no confidence in the Government in the autumn.

Under the proposals, the veteran left-winger would lead a temporary government which would extend Article 50 and call a general election.

But Sir John said it is “not a terribly good idea” for Labour to hold a General Election before Christmas.

He told politics news site, “The public rate Boris Johnson more highly than they do Jeremy Corbyn, but they don’t rate either of them terribly much because at the end of the day most Conservatives can’t stand Jeremy Corbyn and Mr Corbyn is not the unalloyed joy of those in his own party.

“Remain voters - very few of them think much of Boris Johnson.

“If the polls at this point were to be indicating the Brexit Party votes have fallen away, the Tories are way ahead, if I was the Labour Party all of a sudden I would be saying it is not a terribly good idea to hold a general election just before Christmas.”

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