Brexiteer Redwood lashes out at BBC - ‘Peddling same old arguments!’

John Redwood, Conservative MP for Wokingham, highlighted key examples of incorrect forecasts in a furious post on his bio. But he saved his main criticism for the BBC, asking why the press has got it so wrong. He said: “The BBC were in overdrive yesterday peddling the same old arguments that if we just leave the EU they will not be able or willing to sell us all their exports.” 

He said Treasury chiefs forecasted a recession after a Leave vote, with experts warning unemployment would rise by 500,000 or even 800,000 in some scenarios. 

But he was quick to point out employment figures actually grew, with rates falling from 4.9 percent to 3.8 percent. 

The Tory also highlighted predictions of a share price collapse would fall, before pointing out how indexes were up 17 percent since the 2016 referendum, adding the FTSE250 was also up on figures from three years ago. 

House prices were also studied, with Mr Redwood pointedly remind readers of predictions of house prices falling by ten percent, despite prices continuing to rise in a booming market. 

He said: “I spent much of my campaign refuting their forecasts of falling GHDP, falling house prices, falling share prices and rising unemployment. 

Mr Redwood also claimed he knew the price of the pound would rise and fall after the Brexit vote due to high volatility.

He concluded: “So we all know the Treasury’s sterling forecast was wrong by large margins. 

“Why doesn’t the mainstream media revisit this and ask those responsible why they got it so wrong? 

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He voted against Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement at both readings, pushing instead for a stronger break with the EU. 

But as the Brexit debate intensifies, 100 Tory MPs could be planning to bring down the government to stop a no-deal exit, even if it puts rival Jeremy Corbyn into No.10. 

Those against leaving with no-deal include former chancellor Philip Hammond and former Justice Secretary David Gauke. 

But bringing down the government could have consequences for the Conservative’s who lost support after failing to deliver Brexit on time. 

The Tories have shed votes to the Brexit Party, which has split the right-wing vote, leading to Labour and the Liberal Democrats topping two recent by-elections. 

Boris Johnson has promised Britain will leave the EU with or without a deal on Halloween in a do or die move. 

The new Prime Minister has been ramping up no deal preparations with just under 90 days to go until exit day. 

Mr Johnson has said his preference is to do a deal but would leave without an arrangement if Brussels were unable to negotiate. 

But EU chiefs have previously said the Withdrawal Agreement will not be changed, despite the new leader describing it as dead. 

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