Butt out Mr Major you’ve had your day and it wasn’t entirely glorious COMMENT

We would have nodded to the quiet yet huge part he played in the Good Friday Agreement helping bring the Troubles in Northern Ireland to a peaceful conclusion, we might have gently mocked his endearingly middle-class M&S grey suits, love of cricket and mild-mannered approach to politics, while perhaps wishing there was a little more of that around Westminster today. History might have quietly put to bed the way his seven years at the helm of the Tory Party left the Conservatives in ruins, with two of their number in prison or heading there, others embroiled in corruption probes and sex scandals and the door to No 10 left wide open for Tony Blair.

We might even have let bygones be bygones on the way he mismanaged Britain’s entry into the European Exchange Rate mechanism then almost bankrupted the country by piddling away billions of pounds in a vain attempt to disguise his mistake.

We might even have forgiven his own ridiculous sex scandal with rotten eggs MP Edwina Currie and overlooked his position as 17th favourite PM out of the 19 who sat in No10 in the 20th century.

But not any more.

Sir John, once a reasonably competent housing committee chairman at Lambeth Council, has joined the loud, braying mob of Remainers incapable of facing facts – that Britain voted to leave the EU, no ifs, no buts, and the current Prime Minister is right to use all methods at his disposal to see that decision enacted.

The bottom line is Britain decided it would rather be ruled by Westminster than Brussels – that the Houses of Parliament, with its elected members, was more accountable than the shady cabal of faceless elites which is the EU alternative.

That it has come to the extreme measure of proroguing Parliament does not shame Boris Johnson quite so much as the entire House of Commons (and the peers in the Lords) whose only policy has been to saddle Britain a form of incredibly damaging political and economic inertia unprecedented in recent times.

Now Sir John has humiliatingly joined Gina Miller and in her bewildering bid to save the nation from itself.

He says: “I intend to seek to assist the Court from the perspective of having served in Government as a Minister and Prime Minister, and also in Parliament for many years as a Member of the House of Commons.”

Just unwrap that for a moment.

A former Prime Minister of Great Britain, a leader of Britain’s most successful ever political party, is jumping on the coat-tails of a private citizen’s cock-eyed legal challenge to stop the elected Government of the day – a Conservative Government – carrying out the will of the people.

They all want more time to debate, they say.

Three and a half years apparently not being enough.

Oh, no John, no John, no John, no.

It’s over John, leave it alone. 

The die is cast, the people have spoken. 

We need to get back to building Britain come-what-may and not be endlessly debating Brexit Jarndyce vs Jarndyce style with no possible conclusion on the horizon.

Go back to being that nice Sir John Major who did his best for Britain and we’ll try and forget the fact that by the end of your seven-year tenure the Tories looked rather like a party packed with crooks, liars and sexual deviants.

History has a tendency to be kind to the “triers” but it can also be brutal to those who overstay their welcome.

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