Celebrities make mockery of Goggle climate change camp, says JENNIFER SELWAY

And of course the snarky squad was quick to point out that the arrival of 114 gas-guzzling private jets and sundry super-yachts rather went against the spirit of the thing. Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Katy Perry, George Clooney and Harry Styles were on the guest list – which is, incidentally, in theory confidential. Isn’t it a relief to know that Harry Styles is a force for change vis-a-vis global warming? I can sleep easy now. 

Once upon a time showbiz people understood that the point of them was to amuse us. They simply had to look beautiful, wear lovely clothes and turn up. They all went to marvellous parties and lived in a glamorous little world quite separate from the rest of us. 

They would sometimes do good works or involve themselves with charities which was a sort of payback for having lucked out in life’s lottery. Their mere presence added a little magical stardust to whatever cause they chose to grace. So everyone was happy. 

But they didn’t come over all worthy and political. There was also a tacit understanding that extreme wealth and sheer good luck disqualify you from telling others how they should live. 

You can have political opinions but don’t rub other people’s faces in them. You can be quietly philanthropic without being a nag.

The Royal Family (only there because of extreme wealth and sheer good luck) appear to understand that pretty well – or have done until now. Charles has opinions but he presents them as someone perplexed by aspects of the modern world and wants to do some good. 

Most jobbing royals support charities and causes for those in need. It’s the least they can do. But they do it with a modesty that sits well in a modern age when we don’t want to see Lord and Lady Bountifuls bestowing hand-outs from on high. 

In contrast Harry and Meghan (dynamic duo or tiresome twosome?) have fallen into the trap of presenting themselves as better than everyone else. Does Harry (also said to be at the Google do) expect applause when he says they will have no more than two children? 

He and his missus trumpet their virtues endlessly. Was guest-editing Vogue, the world’s most luxurious magazine, a good wheeze? No. It just made Meghan a target for bitching. 

It’s not easy being rich and having good intentions, like these two. Or even like those celebrities in Sicily. But they need some better PR advice – because they certainly won’t get any sympathy. 

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