Corbyn plot to oust Boris Johnson will backfire and cause no deal Brexit says NICK TYRONE

Before Boris Johnson had even been appointed Prime Minister by the Queen, MPs were holding secret conversations to block the new Tory leader’s plans for office. The talk in Westminster over the summer is all about whether those who are against a no deal Brexit will come together to form a government of so-called ‘national unity’.

The plan comes in two flavours: one, a senior Remainer past their heyday such as Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman leads a parliamentary majority of disaffected Labour and Tories teamed up with 70-odd MPs from the Liberal Democrats, SNP, Plaid Cymru, Anna Soubry’s TIG, and genuinely independent representatives.

The second flavour is simpler: a few Tory MPs (and it wouldn’t take many) cross the floor and unite with the 70-odd to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister for a short period in order to stave off no deal Brexit.

Mr Corbyn laid down the gauntlet for his plan this past week, graciously writing to MPs to say he was willing to head a time-limited government that would look to extend Article 50 and then call a general election.

Labour would then head into that election promising a referendum with Remain as an option.

It’s smart politics from Mr Corbyn, attempting to make Jo Swinson, who has said she will not facilitate the Labour leader’s entry into Number 10, the bad guy within Remainer circles.

Dominic Grieve has already ruled about making Mr Corbyn Prime Minister and imagining other Tory Remainers doing so is a fanciful notion, as Ms Swinson has rightly pointed out herself.

Yet it’s worth looking at what would happen if Mr Corbyn somehow managed to cobble this majority together and become the prime minster.

He would go to the EU and ask for an extension, telling them there would be a general election shortly after.

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The first message will be powerful with Brexit Party voters, who will then look to ensure Mr Johnson gets back into Number 10 so that Brexit can be delivered.

The second message will be very powerful in Tory-Lib marginals, the very same ones that look under some threat now. “Don’t vote Lib Dem,” the Tory machine can say, “unless you want Corbyn”.

With the Lib Dems having put the Labour leader into Number 10 already, this will have massive cut through. The Tories will almost undoubtedly get a sizeable majority in the ensuing general election.

Jo Swinson must realise this – thus her reluctance to seem like she would even countenance letting Jeremy Corbyn become prime minister, even for a brief period to avoid no deal.

If Remainers think that allowing Mr Corbyn into Downing Street for a short spell to make sure no deal Brexit doesn’t happen, they need to think again - they might just end up with a no deal Brexit and the Conservatives elected with a healthy majority, safe in power for at least five years.

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