It's Boris's chance to stop this bloodbath, EXPRESS COMMENT

For all his foreign policy failings Mr Blair was an intuitive politician who understood that soft justice is not only unpopular, it also leads to more crime.

His words now seem like a distant memory, especially as we have seen Britain’s streets descend into chaos, being drenched with the blood of our young people who have been the victim of knife and acid attacks.

The rolling back of stop-and-search powers due to political correctness has cost many young people their lives.

And to make matters worse, the response from the previous justice secretary, David Gauke, was not to get tough but to give criminals a free pass. Disappointingly, this was a Conservative minister who was suggesting that certain types of prison sentences be abolished and fewer people be locked up for their crimes.

These policies have rightly been condemned as a wishy-washy, Left-wing liberal approach and, thankfully, Boris Johnson’s government appears to be preparing to put an end to this aberration in public policy.

The new tough measures controlling the sale of knives and acid, along with curfew orders for youngsters and expansion of prison capacity, are to be welcomed. It is good to see that under Mr Johnson’s leadership the Conservatives are reclaiming their title as the party of law and order.

Tories must get time to end Brussels rule

While Boris Johnson’s summer of Brexit continues, it is clear that his task only gets harder - with bitter Remainer Tories planning to do all they can to bring down his government in order to prevent Britain leaving the EU.

But it is telling that senior pro-Brexit ministers are pleading with the Brexit Party to keep applying the pressure to ensure Mr Johnson fulfils his promise of ending Brussels rule by October 31 and does not agree to a compromise which offers Brexit in name only.

The analysis carried by the Sunday Express shows voters do not yet trust the Conservatives to deliver Brexit and if Mr Johnson fails to do so, then he will see significantly worse losses than 50 seats.

So far, the PM has said and done the right thing, so he deserves a chance to complete the task he began with Vote Leave in 2016

Jessica’s pet rescue shows best of British

The heartwarming story of Jessica Lloyd and Bluebell, the stray dog she adopted on her honeymoon to Greece, is an example of the very best of what it means to be British.

Jessica’s compassion, love for animals and willingness to take action are all great qualities to live by.

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