Pokemon Masters release time LIVE new Pokemon Game out now August 29

UPDATE ONE: DeNA has decided to launch Pokemon Masters early on Android devices, with the new Pokemon game available to download and play right now.

Fans should be warned that Pokemon Masters requires over 1GB in space and the installations may take a little while because of this.

There is also a good chance that Pokemon Masters may not be available to everyone and will continue to roll out today.

ORIGINAL: Pokemon Masters is just the latest Pocket Monster inspired game coming to Android and iOS devices.

The good news is that we now know it will be available to download and play Thursday, August 29. But when it comes to the exact Pokemon Masters release time, things are still a little more up in the air.

From what has been shared so far by DeNA, the developers behind PM, the new game should be going live in the early hours.

This is at least the case for gamers in the United States, with the latest reports suggesting a launch time set for around midnight, PST. For gamers in the UK, that would mean Pokemon Masters having a release time set for around 8am, BST.

This could of course change before August 29 and regional time differences could make it hard to predict the Pokemon Masters release globally. A recent video posted by DeNA explaining what launch celebrations are being put together states that the event will run from 11pm today, until October 16.

So there is a chance that gamers in the US will get to start playing today, and UK players at 7am, BST.

A good idea for gamers hoping to download Pokemon Masters is to register on the official App Stores.

By doing this, you will get a notification as soon as the game is available to download and play.

DeNA has warned that in order to play Pokemon Masters, your device must have at least 1.3 GB of space available.

So fans may need to free up space so they can play at launch too.

For those that don’t know much about the upcoming release, Pokemon Masters takes place on the artificial island of Pasio and will be focused on PvE battling.

On Pasio, Pokémon and their Trainers—called sync pairs—share a special bond. Many famous Trainers from every region featured so far in the Pokémon video games have gathered on Pasio along with their partner Pokémon and formed their own sync pairs.

Gamers will be able to build their own teams of Sync Pairs, including characters like Brock and Misty.

New Sync Pairs can be unlocked through the story, while the game will also feature microtransactions and in-game currency.

This will likely mean randomised loot boxes but DeNA has stated that the game can be played without needing to spend money.

“Once you've joined forces with other sync pairs, you'll get to engage in Pokémon battles!” the official PM site explains.

“The battles in Pokémon Masters are 3-on-3 matches that play out in real-time. You can unleash powerful attacks one after the next as your move gauge refills over time.

“What's more, in Pokémon Masters battles, players can direct Pokémon to unleash attacks as usual, but Trainers can use their own moves and healing items in battle for the very first time.

“A Trainer's move can increase a Pokémon's stats or have other effects. With multiple sync pairs squaring off at once, you'll have to develop all-new strategies if you hope to come out on top.”

DeNA has also revealed that Nintendo Switch Console IDs will be available to use with Pokemon Masters in the future.

This will allow gamers to track their progress using the ID, although it’s unclear if it will be available at launch.

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