Remainer determination to halt Brexit has now been exposed, says STEPHEN POLLARD

As a consequence, Parliament will not be sitting after September 9 for just over a month. According to some of the hysterical responses, this is variously a coup, illegal and – in the words of the Speaker – a “constitutional outrage”. Others are saying that Boris Johnson is behaving like a fascist, a dictator and a thug. Which is all rather odd, since I don’t recall anyone saying the same things about his predecessor, Theresa May.

In 2017, under Mrs May, the House of Commons rose on September 14 and returned on October 9. Last year it rose on September 13 and returned on October 9. Was this also a government coup? No, it was entirely normal, the usual break the Commons takes around the time of the party conferences.

This year, as usual, the Commons will rise on September 10. Boris Johnson yesterday announced that it will not return until a week later than might have been expected, on October 14. Cue the hysteria over these extra few days.

But the reason for the extra few days’ recess is entirely proper – it is because there will be a Queen’s Speech on October 14. This is, according to the Remainers, an outrage. And yet these self-same people were screaming exactly the same -earlier this year when Mrs May cancelled the Queen’s Speech expected in May or June.

Chris Bryant, a fanatical Remainer Labour MP, said in April that Mrs May’s decision not to have a Queen’s Speech was a “constitutional outrage”.

Yesterday Mr Bryant was touring radio and TV studios explaining how the decision to hold a Queen’s Speech, which is entirely normal for a new Prime Minister to outline his or her new agenda, was, you guessed it… a constitutional outrage.  

Let me tell you what really is a democratic outrage – the attempt to stop Brexit by Remainer MPs who still refuse, three years on, to accept the result of the 2016 referendum. 

On Tuesday we had the appalling spectacle of MPs gathering in Church House to parade their contempt for democracy, pledging in effect to do whatever they can to stop Brexit. Their latest wheeze, a so-called Citizens’ Assembly, is almost beyond parody.

So convinced are they of their own virtue that they have asked the Archbishop of Canterbury to chair it, presumably because they believe they have God on their side.

The bubble in which these Remainer MPs live is so tightly sealed that it doesn’t seem to have occurred to any of them that people who want to implement the result of the referendum are citizens too.

Let’s get some perspective here. If the Remainers want to try to stop the Queen’s Speech or Brexit, they still can. For all the screaming about the Government forcing through a no-deal Brexit, nothing of substance has changed. Jeremy Corbyn can table a vote of no confidence and if a majority of MPs want to remove the Government and change course, they can.

The Remainers can also try, as they have been suggesting they would, to push through a Bill that would suspend Article 50 (by which we are leaving the EU). Parliament is coming back on Monday and you can be sure that the Speaker, John Bercow, will carry on doing all in his power (and doubtless beyond it) to help the Remainers. 

But they should be careful what they wish for. For all the madness and faux outrage of the past 48 hours, they have been very useful in exposing in starkly unambiguous terms the Remainer determination to do anything to stop Brexit.

If they succeed in toppling the Government or even in passing new legislation stopping Brexit, they may think they have won. But they will be handing Boris Johnson a gold-plated election weapon. He will be able to portray himself as fighting on the people’s behalf against a Remainer elite who will do almost anything to impose their will.

How easy it is to imagine him standing outside No 10 attacking the bad faith of MPs who have fought to overturn the referendum – and demanding an election to settle the issue.  

These are dangerous times. We are a parliamentary democracy and battles between “the people” and the political class are the very opposite of that. It is worrying to consider where this conflict may lead.

Democracy always hangs by a thread. But despite the accusations against Mr Johnson, he is the one respecting democracy. 

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