NBA 2K20 1.03 patch notes latest: Huge new update out now on PS4, Xbox One

NBA 2K20 1.03 has just been released just in time for the weekend, with the brand new NBA 2K20 patch available to download right now.

The NBA 2K20 dev team have been promising another update is in the works following the release of NBA 2K20 1.02 earlier this week.

And just ahead of the start of the weekend NBA 2K20 1.03 has been released, with fans left wondering when patch notes are coming out.

The NBA 2K20 1.03 is a huge one, with it weighing in at 23GB on the PS4 and a staggering 38GB on the Xbox One.

At the time of writing no official NBA 2K20 1.03 patch notes have been released but fans have been teased about what’s in it.

Chris Manning, the host and producer of NBA 2KTV, said that NBA 2K20 1.03 would be bringing in “subtle changes” to the game.

Manning tweeted: “Update is live now - and as a reminder, these are subtle changes.

“Gameplay team continues to monitor player behavior and how people are competing in #NBA2K20”.

Manning was also asked a question by NBA 2K YouTuber iPodKingCarter about the latest NBA 2K20 patch.

The popular YouTuber tweeted: “Since I have your ear/eyes for a moment, will there be a hot fix that allows us to change our names on MyCareer?

“Many of us are nameless and can’t do anything about it.”

Manning replied: “While I don't have the definitive answer, it's my understanding this would be addressed in a patch.”

Mike Wang, the gameplay director for NBA 2K, also gave NBA 2K20 fans an update about patch 1.03.

Wang tweeted: “Dear Dribblers, with today's patch, R2/RT + RS Down = Stepback Escape. For the Behind Back Escape, R2/RT + RS Down Left/Right (like the standing tween legs but with Turbo).

“I swapped the Tier 2 and 3 Behind Back launches too. GL”.

Earlier this week the official NBA 2K20 Twitter account said the game’s dev team were working “around the clock” to prepare a new patch.

They said this wold address “significant” issues with the game.

The NBA 2K20 Twitter account posted: “2K Community.

“Although many of the issues seen after launch have been fixed, we know there are still others we need to resolve.

“Our Dev team is working around the clock to prepare an upcoming patch that will address other significant issues.

“Thanks for your patience”.

NBA 2K20 players have reported a number of bugs since the game’s launch.

Reported NBA 2K20 bugs that have affected players include the PC version’s launcher showing the icon for last year’s game on the task bar.

While other issues players have reported include extended load times and other instances of bugs.

The last patch that was released by 2K Games, update 1.02, introduced a stamina buff as well as boosting park speeds and fixing a number of issues.

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