Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are royal insult to our modern Queen, says CAROLE MALONE

Because from where I’m sitting all they’ve done is insult and embarrass the royal family, particularly the Queen who is the most modernising monarch we’re ever likely to see. They’re insulting Charles who’s done more than his bit and Wills and Kate who played a blinder in Pakistan and were told by the honorary consul: “You have radiated joy wherever you have been,” to which Wills replied: “We’re happy people.” 

And that’s the difference. They are happy. Or if they’re not they hide it and get on with the job. 

Compare that to Meghan and Harry in ITV’s documentary about their African trip where Meghan, lip quivering, talked about the stresses of a new baby (ask Kate how she coped with three in quick succession) and being in the media spotlight. 

How can one of the most privileged women on the planet look into a camera and talk about her first world problems in South Africa, where six million kids are starving and life expectancy rates are among the lowest in the world because of poverty and Aids? 

I’m not saying rich people don’t have worries – just don’t air them in places where the problems of those you’re there to help are a million times worse. 

But what Harry and Meghan’s “woe is me” narrative makes clear is that they’ve both lost perspective. They can’t see the difference between what’s real and what’s festering in their overactive imaginations. 

Harry has a wife and a baby he adores. He should be ecstatic, not the embittered, angry man he ­currently appears to be. 

He looked like he was unravelling in that documentary, consumed by the irrational fear that what happened to his mum will happen to Meghan and Archie; consumed by the belief that the media are out to destroy them even though they’ve brought most of the criticism upon themselves. 

Yet they don’t see it. They just see plots to destroy them. It’s clear from recent events that Harry isn’t up to, or enjoying, the job of a royal, much of which involves 
just keeping your head down in exchange for a gilded life. 

But if, as has been suggested, he has unresolved issues about his mum’s death, for his own sake, he needs to take a chunk of time out. Because all the public sees is a young man who two years ago seemed wonderfully happy with life but now seems soured by it. 

I don’t know where Meghan figures in Harry’s state of mind, suffice to say she seems eaten up by self-pity and feels every bit as “persecuted” as he does. Much of this reminds me of Diana, also fond of baring her soul in public. She read every word the media said about her (having colluded with much of it) then fretted over it. 

I don’t know how this saga will end. My fear is that if Meghan and Harry keep lashing out at the royal family and media, they will become totally isolated so that in the end not only will no one be able to help, no one will want to. 

Diana told her boys to look out for each other. Harry should remember that now, and ring his brother. Then his dad. Because in the end, family is all there is. 

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