UK weather forecast: Risk of death as ferocious rain and snow to batter Britain

An amber Met Office warning is in place for south Wales, indicating “danger to life”, whilst milder yellow warnings exist for the rest of Wales, south west England and the English midlands. Scotland will see snowfall in areas over 500 metres. However the weekend will end with much of England and Wales experiencing a clear autumn day with blue skies and a touch of frost.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “The rainfall since Friday has come courtesy of a plume of subtropical air extending all the way from the Azores.

“It’s been carrying copious amounts of moisture and dumping it all across the hills of Wales as well as western and northern England.”

He added: “As we head into Saturday you can see the extent of that weather, which is brought in by a strong southwesterly wind.

“The wind will be at its strongest around the coasts of South Wales as well as southwest England.”

Exposed coasts and hills will be subjected to 50 miles per hour winds with stronger gusts.

This could exacerbate flooding issues by bringing down leaves and blocking some drains.

Mr McGivern continued: “The rainfall will be heaviest and most persistent over the high ground of Wales, northern and western England.

“Over the Moors there is a risk of up to 90 millimetres of rain accumulating by Saturday lunchtime, 70 for the Pennines and for the Welsh mountains there’s the risk in South Wales of 100 to 120 millimetres of rainfall building up.”

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“It takes much of the morning for the rainfall to ease away from northern and western England as well as Wales.

“It then pushes into the southeast by the end of Saturday.

“It will turn very wet and windy for a time, followed by a sharp drop by five degrees or more, as a cold front pushes through.”

The front finally clears from the southeast of England during Saturday evening and is followed by clear skies and lower temperatures, meaning a chilly Saturday night with widespread frost in the countryside.

Temperatures in the towns and cities will be between three to four degrees celsius.

Mr McGivern concludes: “We’ve got more blustery showers coming into much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northwest England, as well as north Wales by the early stages of Sunday.

“There will be a strong wind in Scotland, moving from the north to the northeast of the country.

“Eastern, central and southern England as well as much of Wales will see beautiful blue skies to end the weekend.

“A crisp autumn day on Sunday, very different to the wind and rain of Saturday.”

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