Asteroid warning: 'God of Chaos' space rock may strike on THIS date says conspiracist

Michael Horn, who calls himself a research scientist, has dismissed NASA’s research and suggested that they have been incorrect about their estimations about the path of the Apophis “God of Chaos” asteroid. NASA has estimated the asteroid - full name 99942 Apophis - will skim past Earth in 10 years, and has already begun preparations to study the space rock once it is closer to Earth. In addition to insisting that the asteroid will definitely strike the planet, Mr Horn has argued that his team has narrowed down its impact location, between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

In an interview with, Michael Horn, who works for someone who says they have spoken to aliens, explained that he and his research team were confident in their findings and argued it was imperative world leaders prepared to deflect the space rock.

He said: “Apophis will strike the Earth either April 13th 2029 or April 2026 if it isn’t deflected.

“Apophis will, with certainty, impact the Earth between the North Sea and the Black Sea on April 13th 2029, less than 10 years or April 13th 2036.

“I have a vast amount of information that we have to date corroborated over 250 specific examples of what I would like to call prophetically accurate scientific information from the source.”

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Mr Horn named Mathematician Harry Lear and former NASA aerospace engineer Matthew Wieczkiwwicz as key members of his research team.

Mr Horn, who also represents Ufologist Billy Meier, believes the asteroid will crack the Earth, releasing gasses which could kill millions of people in addition to the devasting impact.

During the interview, he also referenced the comic illustration of Billy Meir’s presumed initial discovery of the Apophis asteroid before NASA entitled ’The Adventures of Billy Meier.”

Although NASA remains confident that the asteroid will not hit the planet in its next fly by the planet in 10 years time, they have deemed it a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid(PHA).

Apophis is one of the largest asteroids to pass so close to the Earth's surface and a collision with the planet has the potential to be devastating for all life on Earth.

The asteroid is set to get closer to the earth than communication and weather satellites in orbit. Most satellites in Earth's orbit are geostationary orbit 36,000 km away (22,236 miles) from the planet.

Apophis is travelling at almost 25,000 mph meaning a slight detour from its trajectory could be catastrophic. 

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