Blair's seat under threat: Brexit Party moves key candidate in bid to crush Labour

THE Brexit Party's is taking the fight straight into Labour's heartlands by confirming he will be contesting Sedgefield, former Prime Minister 's old constituency, in next month's general election. And he immediately urged the Tories to agree not to contest the seat in order to give him a free run at Labour MP Phil Wilson, who was re-elected in 2017 with a majority of 6,059. Dr Bull - one of 29 candidates elected to the European Parliament candidates earlier this year - is now setting his sights on Westminster.

And after leader announced the party would not contest seats won by the Tories in the last election, Dr Bull has been switched from the safe Conservative seat of Central Suffolk and North Ipswich to a much more winnable one in the traditionally Labour north east.

Sedgefield voted by 59.44 percent to 40.56 percent to leave in the 2016 referendum, and Dr Bull believes he can represent its residents better than either of the main parties.

He told "This is not about how you've voted tribally, it's not about left and right.

"It's about right and wrong, and about which party will best represent you.

"We're not a different version of the Conservative Party - we've got our own, distinct policies and we are so passionate about what we are doing here."

Pointing out that the had pulled candidates all over the country, Dr Bull called on the Tories to follow suit in Sedgefield.

He said: "I think that would show an enormous will to do what's best for Sedgefield if they did that."

Dr Bull also pointed out that up the road, in Hartlepool, which is being contested by Brexit Party leader, former Tory candidate Ralph Ward-Jackson withdrawing in the wake of Nigel Farage's earlier announcement, saying he "did not did not want to split the Leave vote".

"It was The Brexit Party that beat Labour here in the May European elections – and we can, with your help, do it again.

"There are millions of traditional Labour voters waiting for a party that is on their side, that believes in bringing more money and jobs back to the regions, that says we need sensible immigration controls.

"These are messages that will resonate hard in those Labour Leave areas.

"How do we hold Boris to his promises? We have to start winning some of those Labour seats, by making Corbyn’s Labour pay for their betrayal of Brexit."

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