Brexiteers celebrate as Emily Thornberry predicted to lose seat ‘Karma of highest order!’

The MP for Islington is hotly tipped to lose her London seat to Jo Swinson’s party in the upcoming general election, according to analysts in an early poll. Brexiteers are showing little sympathy. One Twitter user said of the news: “That would be karma of the highest order.”

Another, also referring to Change UK Remainer Anna Soubry and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, added: This would make my day. Her, Soubry or Abbott losing their seat would be a dream come true!”

A third said: “Couldn’t have happened to a nicer politician.”

A fourth added: “This is one seat I would love the Lib Dems to win.”

One anti-Liberal Democrat person even added: “Can’t abide Jo Swinson, but this is one success I’ll be happy for her to have.”

Another comment read: “As much as I dislike the Lib Dems and their non entity of a leader, I’d love Thornberry to be turfed out.”

Admitting they would enjoy the outcome, someone wrote: “As much as I dislike the Lib Dems, it would be hard not to enjoy this…”

Another said: “There is going to be a lot to look forward to in the election, getting rid of people like Thornberry will be one of them.”

It was today revealed the Shadow Foreign Secretary is behind the Lib Dems in the polls in her north London seat of Islington South and Finsbury.

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Ms Thornberry said: “Sorry, to Remain... sorry, slip of the tongue on my part.”

The host suggested her slip up was the problem with Labour’s convoluted position on Brexit, to which Ms Thornberry replied: “It illustrates that it is quarter to seven in the morning.”

In another interview, she argued Jeremy Corbyn is incredibly empathetic towards the Armed Forces but was later grilled to name military action he has supported.

Ms Thornberry failed to name one.

Host Justin Webb said: “Overall message appears to be that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are friends of the Armed Forces. Is that credible coming from a man who has opposed every single use of British Armed Forces on active service in his 35 years of frontline politics?”

Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme, Ms Thornberry said: “I think when you see Jeremy interacting with members of the Armed Forces as I did in Normandy last summer, you can see that he is incredibly empathetic.”

Mr Webb asked: “Can you name an occasion which the British Armed forces have been used when he’s backed them?”

She responded: “No, not off the top of my head.”

She said war hasn’t necessarily made things better and pointed to Libya.

The host added Mr Corbyn has previously said they need to campaign against NATO’s power.

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