Britons furious at Labour’s ‘fantasy’ £20bn broadband nationalisation ‘taxed to death!'

The Labour Party have promised to give every home and business in the UK free full-fibre broadband by 2030, if it wins the upcoming general election. The party says the plan, which they claim would cost £20billion, would be paid for by nationalising part of BT and taxing multinational technology firms like Amazon, Google and Facebook. But British voters have dubbed the policy a “fantasy”, as many question how Labour would fund such an ambitious policy.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said a Labour government would make a priority of establishing the new state-owned entity, British Broadband.

But voters have hit out at the plans, as they say such a move would end up being funded by taxpayers.

Commenting on the story on’s Facebook page, many vented their anger at a policy that some believed is ludicrous and accused Mr Corbyn of trying to win votes with false promises.

One person said: “It’s just Liebour trying to buy votes, without having any money, classic!”

Jeremy Corbyn

Voters have vented at the 'fairytale' police to give free internet access nationwide (Image: Getty/Facebook)

Labour Party

The Labour Party have pledged to nationalise Britain's broadband network (Image: Getty)

Pete Biram wrote: “I have heard some fairytales in my time but this one takes the biscuit. Mind you it is pantomime season and that’s what you will get if the ugly sisters Corbyn and McDonnell get anywhere near power.”

A third said: “Well we know it’s not free. Corbyn is using the word ‘free’ just to get a few more votes.”

Pete Smith wrote: “Just a vote catching promise that will never see the light of reality…”

Another Facebook user launched into an attack on the Labour leader and shadow chancellor and said: “Once again fantasy economics and rhetoric making promises that John McDonnell knows that the Labour party cannot keep or afford.

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Election 2019

Voters have questioned how the ambitious policy will be funded (Image: Facebook)

“When will supporters of this party realise that they will promise you the earth but will not follow up.

“Their last manifesto promised to honour the referendum but they have blocked and stalled every effort to fulfil the wishes of the electorate.”

Paul John Morris asked how the policy will be funded, they wrote: “Who pays for the free broadband, who pays for a super NHS, who pays for free super education? That’s right us, we’ll get super taxed to death.”

Voters aren’t the only ones questioning the price of the free public service, as experts have said the policy would cost double that sum.

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John McDonnell free broadband

Voters have hit out at Labour's suggestion they could nationalise Virgin, Sky and Talktalk (Image: Facebook)

BT chief executive Philip Jansen said the Labour Party had dramatically underestimated the price of its pledge, saying it would cost closer to £100 billion.

The Tories have accused Labour of vastly underestimating the cost of nationalising parts of BT, broadband roll-out and salary costs.

They say the full cost of Labour’s plan would be £83 billion over 10 years, compared to the £20 billion claimed by Labour.

Mr McDonnell also suggested Virgin, Sky and TalkTalk could also be nationalised as part of the plan.

John McDonnell

John McDonnell said he pledge will cost about £20billion (Image: Getty)

Labour party free broadband

Tory MP Nicky Morgan said the plan to introduce free broadband was 'reckless' (Image: Reuters)

In response Kevin Thomas said: “So, they are not JUST going to nationalise BT, they are doing the whole shebang. The couldn’t organise a p**s up in a brewery.

“Who is going to pay the Billions it will cost for each company and then who will pay to maintain it, as they will not have any income.

“They cant tax the tech companies, they have just nationalised most of them.”

Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, said Labour were “over-promising something they cannot deliver” and that the plans would “kill growth and competition”.

election 2019

Seats won in previous elections (Image: Express)

She said: “Corbyn is clearly so desperate to distract from his party’s divisions on Brexit and immigration that he will promise anything, regardless of the cost to taxpayers and whether it can actually be delivered.”

She added: “What reckless idea will be next?”

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