Election ITV debate LIVE: Boris cheered as he slams Corbyn for ‘sacrificing the union’

The hour-long contest promises to be a fiery affair, with the Prime Minister and Mr Corbyn having the opportunity to scrutinise each other’s policy pledges and promises, while being grilled by a studio audience. They will also likely take the opportunity to scrutinise each other’s positions on Brexit ahead of the UK’s proposed departure from the European Union on January 31, 2020. The leaders of the Liberal Democrats, Brexit Party and SNP will not be taking part in this debate.

But there will be interviews with Jo Swinson, Nigel Farage and Nicola Sturgeon televised on ITV from 10pm.

Mr Johnson has received a huge boost ahead of the debate after a new leading poll saw his Conservative Party surge into a huge 18-point lead over Labour.

The opinion poll from Kantar of 1,176 people online between November 14-18 has seen support for the Tories jump eight percent to 45 percent from the last poll from the first six days ago.

The Labour Party remains unchanged on 28 percent but is seeing the distance to its fierce rival growing all the time.

The Prime Minister has written to Mr Corbyn demanding he answer four crucial questions during the debate.

Mr Johnson has challenged the Labour leader to say if he would vote to leave or remain in a second referendum, back party conference policy to extend freedom of movement, reveal how much more he would pay the EU for market access, and guarantee every Labour candidate would back his clouded Brexit policy.


8.17pm update: Corbyn and Johnson clash over NHS in trade agreement 

Mr Corbyn rages at Mr Johnson, accusing him of selling the NHS out to the United States. 

But the Prime Minister hits back: "This is an absolute invention, completely untrue and there are no circumstance in which this Government will put the NHS on the table in any trade negotiation 

"This NHS will never be for sale.

"Mr Corbyn is tying to conceal the void at the heart of his Brexit policy and reusing to answer the question on which side he will take." 

8.11pm update: Johnson continues to ask Corbyn his position on Brexit

The Prime Minister continues to reiterate “we don’t know which side Mr Corbyn would campaign” in another Brexit referendum

The Labour leader replies: "We will negotiate an agreement and will put that alongside remain in a referendum. 

"I will carry out the result of that referendum."

Mr Johnson turns to Mr Corbyn and says directly: “Are you going to campaign for leave or remain?”

The Labour leader says: We want to bring people together, therefore there will be a referendum in which that decision will be made by the British people. and our Government will abide by that decision.

8.08pm update:  PM's plan to get Brexit done by January 31 'nonsence'

Mr Corbyn insists Labour will negotiate a “credible leave option” with the EU and within six months put that to a referendum of the British people, offering them a leave and remain option. 

He rages: "The idea the Prime Minister's deal can be dealt with and finished with by the end of hanuary is such nonsense.”

8.05pm update: Leaders facing questions from studio audience 

The first audience member accused the pair of broken promises over delivering Brexit and asks for reassurance "we won't be talking about this forever". 

Mr Johnson insists the UK will "come out" on January 31 because he has a deal "ready to go". 

He says: "There is a sharp distinction to what we are proposing - getting Brexit done, unleashing the potential of this country.

"Jeremy Corbyn cannot tell us what side he would campaign on in a referendum."

8pm update: Corbyn is first to speak as he makes his statement

He says the election gives “you a choice about your future” .

Mr Corbyn insists Labour is offering “real change and real hope”.

He says a Tory government has "failed on economy, climate crisis, NHS and Brexit". 

"We will get Brexit sorted by giving you the final say."

7.35pm update: Corbyn arrives for live TV debate with Johnson

The Labour Party leader has arrived for the live television debate with the Prime Minister.

Mr Corbyn posed for pictures with supports and waved to the crowd as he entered the MediaCity studios in Salford.

7.20pm update: Tories surge into huge 18-point lead at ‘expense’ of Brexit Party - poll

The Conservative Party has surged into a huge 18-point lead over Labour in a new poll ahead of the general election on December 12 at the expense of plummeting support for the Brexit Party.

The opinion poll from Kantar of 1,176 people online between November 14-18 revealed support for the Tories has ballooned over recent days.

This has increased eight percent to 45 percent from the last Kantar poll published six days ago. The Labour Party remains unchanged on 27 percent but is now a massive 18-points behind the ruling party just three weeks before the general election.

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