NASA Moon landing: How Apollo 12 beat Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in one MAJOR way

“They were able to investigate that and there is something quite iconic about seeing Pete Conrad and Al Bean beside this robotic spacecraft.”

When Apollo 11 landed on the Moon, the crew’s Eagle Lunar Module flew to the Moon’s Sea of Tranquility.

The descent was fraught with computer errors, rapidly draining fuel and the peril of being headed for a boulder-strewn field.

Ultimately, the steel nerves of Commander Armstrong guided the Eagle to safety on fumes and nearly 2.5 miles (4km) from the designated landing zone.

But Apollo 12’s accomplishments do not end there because the mission built upon the success of Apollo 11 and achieved its own milestones.

Apollo 11’s crew only spent a short two hours and 31 minutes outside of the Eagle whereas Apollo 12’s astronauts spent a much longer seven hours and 54 minutes in EVA or Extravehicular Activity.

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