Taurid meteor shower: How to watch incredible display on Bonfire night

On November 5, many of us will be celebrating Bonfire Night here in the UK. The skies will no doubt be lit up by firework displays across the country but if you’re lucky, you might also be able to witness another exciting cosmic spectacle in the skies that night.

Many of us will be out watching firework displays for Bonfire Night on Tuesday, November 5.

But if you pay close attention, you might be able to spot something other than fireworks in the night sky.

The Taurid Meteor Shower is forecast to peak on the same day, so keep your eyes peeled.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Taurid Meteor Shower.

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How can I watch the Taurid Meteor Shower?

According to the National Space Centre website, if you want to see the Taurids head outside any time after midnight.

They state that “the darker the location the better”, so try and get away from city lights and find an area of dark sky.

Clouds can also impair your view of meteors.

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