Weather warning: Snow forecast across UK as storm brings numbing -9C air TONIGHT

Temperatures will plummet over the next 48 hours sparking warnings for harsh frosts, bitter winds and shrouds of thick ‘radiation fog’. After a run of wet and windy weather, calmer conditions will set in through the coming days although it will turn much colder. Temperatures will nosedive close to or below freezing across much of the UK with numbing winds from Scandinavia making it feel close to -9C (15.8F) in Scotland.

Elsewhere ‘wind-chill’ temperatures will hover between freezing and -4C (24.8F) with even the chance of snow over the hill tops.

It could be one of the coldest Bonfire Nights since 1968 when thermometers plummeted to -11.1C (12.02F) in Braemar, Scotland.

The -7.2C (19.4F) record for November 6, recorded at Grantown-on-Spey, in the Scottish Highlands in 1981, is also likely to tumble.

A huge low-pressure system responsible for the wet and windy weather at the start of the week is slowly drifting over the UK pulling air down from the north-east.

The ‘eye’ will pass over Britain over the next day or so leading to clear skies, bitterly cold nights and the risk of morning fog.

UK weather forecast snow map

UK weather forecast: Cold air swoops down from the Arctic (Image: NETWEATHER)

UK weather forecast: -9C wind-chill temps for Bonfire Night

UK weather forecast: -9C wind-chill temps for Bonfire Night (Image: netweather)

Met Office meteorologist Luke Miall said: “On Tuesday we see air coming down from the north-east, this is Arctic in origin and will come across Scandinavia so it is going to be much colder.

“Bonfire night will be cold with the risk of frosts, and as there will be winds, depending on where you are it would be worth checking sites before heading out to displays.

“Wednesday starts off fine but rain will spread in from the west quite quickly before the weather goes down hill again from mid-week.

“It is a very messy picture of weather this week.”

Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon added: “We are not ruling out the chance of snow over high ground in northern regions on Guy Fawkes night.”

Clear skies will cause heat to radiate from the ground rapidly causing dense pea-soupers to form across parts of the country.

Mr Miall said: “There is a low-pressure system passing right over the country and this is the cause of some of the unsettled weather to start the week.

UK weather forecast map shows low pressure over Britain, with the eye to the centre

UK weather forecast map shows low pressure over Britain, with the eye to the centre (Image: netweather)

“However at the centre there will be clear skies and this will lead to heat radiation and areas of ‘radiation fog’ which will take a while to clear due to lighter winds.

“There will be a further risk of fog during the middle of the week, although this is not uncommon after Bonfire Night with the aerosols and smoke in the air.”

Long-range forecasters have reiterated warnings that the UK could be facing an unusually harsh winter this year.

Pressure differences across the North Atlantic leading to a so-called negative North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) may drive colder conditions across north-west Europe.

The NAO, defined as a ‘see-saw’ effect by the Met Office, is driven by low pressure over Iceland and high pressure over the Atlantic Azores Islands.

In its positive phase it encourages milder westerly winds across northern Europe while its negative phase opens the gates to north-easterly winds.

Dr Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist for The Weather Company (IBM), said: “As we head into November, the cool pattern in northern and western Europe is expected to continue.

uk snow forecast

UK snow forecast: Risk of snow on Thursday (Image: net weather)

“As winter progresses, there is conflicting evidence supporting the North Atlantic pattern.

“Climate models predict lower pressure and a warmer, wetter winter, while statistical models predict significant blocking that dictates a colder and drier winter. 

“We are leaning a bit towards the latter scenario at the current time.”

 Rain and strong winds will continue to batter parts of Britain at the start of the week before things turn colder, according to The Weather Company.

A spokesman said: “A series of low centres following move in from the west bringing continued wet and windy conditions into the early part of next week. 

“The northerly flow between high pressure over Iceland and these lows will bring temperatures trending slightly below normal through the first part of the week.

“Conditions will turn briefly drier mid-week as high pressure in the north, sinks southward.”

The UK is likely to get another stormy hammering ahead of the weekend as the weather turns more unsettled, he warned.

He added: “Later in the week, there is expected to be a return to wetter and winder conditions once more, as low pressure once again feeds in from the Atlantic, however the timing of this transition is still differing between models.”

Weather models reveal the risk of snow spreading across Britain through the week with flurries possible across Scotland, Wales, northern and central England.

Bookmaker Coral is offering odds on at 1-2 for snow in the UK this week with 5-4 on a White Christmas and evens on the coldest November on record.

Spokesman Harry Aitkenhead said: “Plenty of parts of the UK are going to be set for minus temperatures at stages this week and we now make it odds on that snow falls somewhere across Britain over the next few days.

“November is set to be a freezing month and there's every chance that it could break the record and end the coldest we have ever had.”

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