Brexit LIVE: Corbyn brutally exposed for letting down Labour heartlands ‘It’s a BETRAYAL’

The Labour leader told the BBC: "I will be the honest broker in Brexit", despite having never confirming whether he will back leaving or remaining in the EU if his party wins a majority government on Thursday. Mr Corbyn was also asked about his plan to negotiate a new deal with the EU, but denied this would be a "betrayal" of Leave voters, as the negotiating team would be "balanced”. Meanwhile, Apprentice host and former Labour peer Alan Sugar has blasted Mr Corbyn over his spending plans ahead of this Thursday’s poll. He believes the party “would create economic chaos”, while a Tory majority government would “end the uncertainty that is threatening to paralyse our economy”. Lord Sugar wrote in the Sun: “Personally, I didn’t want Brexit, but enough is enough now ­­- I’m sick of this nonsense.

“Business and families are crying out for economic ­certainty to plan for the years ahead with confidence.

“We just need to get Brexit over with.

“That won’t happen in a hung parliament, or with Corbyn’s Labour in power.”

Lord Sugar added Labour’s £1.2trillion spending plans are “complete madness”.

Alan Sugar has blasted Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the election

Jeremy Corbyn has been exposed for letting down Labour heartlands (Image: BBC)

He wrote: “I’m a target of Corbyn propaganda. He appeals to young voters to see me as a multi-millionaire with no understanding of how hard it is to be poor.

“Wrong. I grew up very poor on a council estate in East London. I took advantage of a school education rather than becoming a garment worker in a sweatshop.

“I had an enterprising spirit and started my business by selling car aerials from a van I’d bought for £50 and insured for £8.

“It was a long way from there to the boardroom, but that’s not a journey people could make under Corbyn.”


6:44pm update: Expert hints a Corbyn win could see EU force Brexit through

Anand Menon, director of The UK in a Changing Europe think-tank, claimed that EU leaders are “worried” about the idea of another referendum.

Mr Menon said that an increasing number of people want to get Brexit done.

This comment comes as Corbyn has suggested a third extension request from the bloc to allow him time to negotiate his deal and hold a referendum.

5:51pm update: Boris admits Brexit may not happen if Tories do not win a majority

Speaking at the JCB plant in Staffordshire, Mr Johnson said: “I don’t see any alternative but a working majority to deliver it.

“Nicola Sturgeon has just hired a bus with ‘Stop Brexit’ on it, so she’s obviously not in favour of it.

“And she’s the only way that Jeremy Corbyn can remain in office. So it is very hard to see how we do it without a working majority Conservative government.

“That’s what we need to go for.”

John McDonnell has not ruled not becoming interim Labour leader

John McDonnell has not ruled not becoming interim Labour leader (Image: GETTY)

4:46pm update: Corbyn would spark ‘scramble to protect country’s security’

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth was heard in a leaked recording that the civil service will “pretty quickly move to safeguard security things’" if the Labour Party gets into government.

Mr Ashworth has dismissed the comments as “banter”.

3:32pm update: Jeremy Corbyn’s chance of winning the election are “dire”  - Shadow Health Secretary 

Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of winning the election are “dire” as the reception to Labour in certain parts of the country is “abysmal’, the shadow health secretary has warned. 

In a leaked recording, Jonathan Ashworth can be heard saying a Labour victory is “not going to happen”. 

Mr Ashworth has dismissed the tape as “banter”. 

2.04pm update: Corbyn’s Brexit plan laughed at by MEP– ‘carnage of Diane Abbott negotiating with Barnier’

Speaking on BBC Breakfast this morning, Mr Corbyn once again reiterated his position that he would remain neutral during Brexit negotiations under a Labour Government.

Host Louise Minchin questioned the leader of the Opposition over who “who was going to do the deal and how do people trust” and whether Remain-supporting MPs represent Leave voters.

Mr Corbyn responded that he will appoint ministers from different parts of the UK who have different views on Brexit.

Commenting on Mr Corbyn’s negotiating strategy, Brexit Party MEP for the West Midlands, Rupert Lowe labelled the plan as “absolutely laughable”.

He tweeted to his followers today: “Just absolutely laughable.

1.30pm update: France's Macron: let's press on with Brexit after UK's election

French President Emmanuel Macron said Britain and the European Union should push on with Brexit after the UK's general election on Thursday and that maintaining the unity of the remaining members was paramount.

"We must be able to advance quickly after these elections," Mr Macron said on Tuesday in remarks alongside the new head of the European Council, Charles Michel, who hosts an EU leaders summit this week.

Mr Macron urged other EU leaders to remain united and "rigorous in the defence of our interests".

Labour campaign

All of the parties have been hitting the campaign trail (Image: GETTY )

12.33pm update: John McDonnell could become Labour leader in coup to oust Corbyn on Friday

The Shadow Chancellor refused to rule out becoming interim leader during a press conference on Monday.

He told FT: “It’s not going to happen because we’ll be having a majority Labour government.”

Mr Corbyn has also refused to say whether he would resign as Labour leader if Boris Johnson this Thursday’s poll.

But if some opinion polls are correct in their suggestions that the 70-year-old is on course to lose two general elections in succession, Mr Corbyn could finally crumble under the pressure from some of his own party to step down.

11.29am update: Boris Johnson's "oven-ready" Brexit deal will give the country "indigestion for years", Nigel Farage has said

The Brexit Party leader told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "If we pass before Christmas, if he wins the election, which looks likely, if we pass the current EU treaty, this doesn't get Brexit done, it takes us into years of negotiation.

"In fact, the 'oven-ready' deal will give us indigestion for years and years and years, so I'm very, very disappointed in this direction they're taking."

Mr Farage added: "I'm saying stop a second referendum at all costs and I'm saying to people. if you're a Leave voter, do not waste your vote and vote Conservative if you're in one of those seats that has never returned a Conservative MP.

"And I do believe that, unless we get a Brexit Party voice in the House of Commons, we are not going to get a realistic Brexit because he'll push through this new EU treaty as it is."

10.17am update: Sturgeon admits referedum on Brexit would be held before Scottish independence poll 

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that a fresh referendum on Brexit would be held before a second vote on Scottish independence.

She told Today: "I'm not conceding it, look this is not a big concession if people had been paying attention to what we've said, this purely on a timing thing.

"The timing of a Brexit referendum is not entirely down to my decision making."

10.07am update: Hugh Grant gives withering response to the Love Actually spoof campaign video by Boris

The clip sees Boris Johnson emulating a scene from the 2003 Christmas film by silently holding up Brexit-themed messages to a woman at her front door after pretending to be a carol singer.

Grant, who played the Prime Minister in the movie, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that he noted the absence of a card that referred to telling the truth.

He said: "I thought it was quite well done, very high production values, but clearly the Conservative Party have an awful lot of money. Maybe that's where the rubles went.

"But I did notice that one of the cards from the original film that he didn't hold up was the one where Andrew Lincoln held up a card saying, 'Because at Christmas you tell the truth.'

"And I just wonder if the spin doctors in the Tory Party thought that was a card that wouldn't look too great in Boris Johnson's hands."

In the original scene from the romantic comedy, Lincoln's character appeared opposite Keira Knightley's character to profess his love to her.

In Mr Johnson's version, called Vote Conservative Actually, the Prime Minister holds up two placards that read: "With any luck, by next year we'll have Brexit done (if Parliament doesn't block it again)."

9.32am update: Brexit battle: Ireland delivers blow to Boris’s Brexit deal - ‘It was clear’

The deputy Tanaiste (Irish deputy prime minister) revealed on Monday talks between Ireland and the UK made “clear” checks would be required on goods entering Northern Ireland. This revelation comes in direct contrast to some of Mr Johnson’s previous statements there wouldn’t be any checks on goods coming into Northern Ireland.

Mr Johnson has insisted that there would only be checks for goods entering Northern Ireland en route to the Republic.

Mr Coveney said from Brussels it was clear that the checks would always be the case during negotiations over the UK’s Brexit deal.

He added: “It was very clear when the deal was done.

“Goods coming from Great Britain into Northern Ireland will need to have some checks to ensure that the EU knows what is potentially coming into their market through Northern Ireland.

“And, you know, we spent many, many hours of discussion in terms of trying to get that right.”

8.54am update: Corbyn says Labour's spending plans are 'sensible' 

During an interview with the BBC this morning, Jeremy Corbyn was asked whether the party's promise for a four-day working week would apply to the NHS.

He said: “It’s not going to be forced on the NHS, the whole point is that over a period, increases in productivity will lead to lower working time hours." 

He was then asked about analysis from the IFS think tank that his party's spending pledges were not "credible".

But Mr Corbyn said that Labour is the only party to publish a costing document alongside it's manifesto.

8.10am update: Brexiteer ‘sickened’ by Remainers' election 2019 TV ads – ‘We can’t be dictated by them!'

The furious Brexiteer argued he was “sickened” by Remainer adverts on television demanding the public “keep Boris Johnson out”.

While speaking to talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, the enraged caller insisted he did not see the point of a hung Parliament and it was important the UK leaves the EU now.

The caller, introduced as Richard, said: “I just turned the TV on and there in front of me is someone from Rolland Rudd’s People’s Vote campaign. 

“I have never seen such a scruffy individual, he went on and spouted and shouted to us people, the 17.4 million people who voted to come out of the EU.

“Telling us that we have to vote to keep Boris Johnson out.

“It was quite sickening really Mike.”

7.37am update: More than 22,000 EU nationals have left the NHS since Brexit referendum

Out of the 22,600 EU nationals leaving the NHS over the past three years, at least 8,800 were nurses and midwives.

The figures were revealed by 88 NHS hospital trusts to freedom of information enquiries, according to the Independent.

The number of people leaving the NHS increased by 21 percent after the EU referendum from 7,037 in 2015.

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