Election 2019: Sturgeon demands ‘seat at the Brexit table’ to prop up Corbyn in No10

The arch-Remainer, who argues Scotland did not vote to leave the EU, today named her price for propping up a Labour Government in the event of a hung parliament. She told the BBC: “I think Scotland should be at the table in any of these discussions, all of the time, rather than being shut out by Westminster. “And fishing is an example of the particular interests we have that mean that we should be much more represented.”

She then stressed a Tory majority in the December 12 ballot was “not inevitable” and that after the election date, any Prime Minister must “respect the will of the Scottish people”.

Her words come despite the result of the 2014 Scottish Independence vote result being to remain in the UK.

She said: “I do believe whoever is in Downing Street, they have a duty to respect the will of the Scottish people.”

When asked what she would do if Boris Johnson continued his run as Prime Minister and carried on denying her a second Scottish Independence referendum, she said she would “set out how I intend to cross that bridge then”.

She said: “We’re in an election campaign right now.

“Whatever the polls might be suggesting, and they look as if they are narrowing a bit, a Tory majority isn’t inevitable.”

Ms Sturgeon also said another vote would have to be “legitimate” after she was asked about taking legal action for one.

She said: “I’ve made my view quite clear on an unofficial referendum, I think a referendum has to be legal and accepted because I’m not in the business of just having a referendum, I want Scotland to become independent so you have to have a process of doing that that is going to be recognised as legitimate.

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The news comes after the SNP leader and Mr Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, locked horns in a fiery debate on ITV over independence.

Mr Farage said: “Brexit is going to be a great thing for the country Nicola, it is going to give us independence, I thought you liked independence?

“We are going to be a free nation, catch our own fish.”

Some members of the audience started laughing as the SNP leader snapped back at Mr Farage.

She said: “If Scotland was independent, we wouldn’t be getting dragged out of the European Union against our will.”

Mr Farage quickly replied: “You want to be independent? You can’t be independent and be in the EU”.

The Scottish First Minister was quizzing Conservative representative for the evening, Rishi Sunak, over whether the UK could still leave the EU with no deal.

The ITV debate was hosted by Julie Etchingham as politicians answered questions from a selected studio audience before debating.

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