NATO showdown: Corbyn vows to confront Trump in front of the Queen at Buckingham Palace

Mr Corbyn has pledged to confront the Republican after he openly said today in London that he “wouldn't touch the NHS if you gave it to us on a silver platter”. Despite Mr Trump’s insistence, Mr Corbyn told Labour supporters he will warn the President “public services are not for sale” at the reception hosted by the Queen later this evening. A showdown between the two men is expected later today at a NATO reception at Buckingham Palace.

President Trump’s remarks come despite his insistence he would remain tight-lipped about the general election while in the UK.

He said when he landed he had “no thoughts” on the UK ballot, but changed his tune and lavished praise on Mr Johnson for doing a “great job”.

This came as Mr Corbyn was accused of trying to “weaponise” the President’s trip after the veteran left-winger wrote to Mr Trump urging him to guarantee the NHS is not on the table in Brexit talks.

He then said he would challenge the American this evening in front of the Queen.

He said he would tell President Trump: “Welcome to this country. I hope you'll understand how precious our national health service is, and in any future trade relationship with the USA, none of our public services are on the table, none of our public services are for sale and investor state protection is not acceptable to our government when we've won this election.”

But Mr Corbyn dodged questions on whether documents he claimed proved the Government had planned to sell off the NHS in a post-Brexit trade deal had come from Russian interference in the major December 12 ballot.

This morning, Labour shadow minister Laura Pidcock became embroiled in a testy row with Sky News’ Kay Burley, after the morning TV host questioned Mr Corbyn’s ally on Russia’s roles in the leaked NHS documents.

Mr Corbyn stunned the election campaign last week when he revealed leaked NHS documents that he argued were proof the health services was on the table in US trade talks.

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Ms Burley continued to press the Labour candidate: "Where did they come from? We need to know where they came from.

"We need to know the source. They are from Russia and you don't want to say, do you?"

Ms Pidcock was adamant the documents were “official Government papers” but admitted she was not privy to where leaked documents on the US-UK talks came from.

The strong Corbyn ally fired back at Burley’s line of questioning and kept trying to shift the subject.

She repeatedly insisted: “We should be questioning the content of the documents rather than how the Labour Party got them.

"Honestly, this is absolutely ridiculous. I think this is an absolutely massive distraction."

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