‘Stop Brexit’ protester FINALLY stops shouting at Brexiteer MPs outside Parliament

Steve Bray became infamous for his bellows outside Westminster during live political broadcasts. He also heckled MPs, journalists and Leave voters in a bid to get his views on remaining in the EU heard. But after Boris Johnson won the election with an 80 seat majority last Thursday, his calls have now stopped.

Mr Bray said: “The fight goes on but our future campaigning will be about holding government to account and when the proverbial s*** kicks in, we will look into how we can get back into the EU.”

According to the Metro, Mr Bray did not believe the Tory win meant the UK was now backing Brexit.

He said: “The majority of people, 53 percent, voted for remain parties including Labour, Lib Dems, Greens and the Scottish National Party.

“That’s 1.2 million more people who wanted to remain than leave.

“That’s why we desperately need a system of proportional representation. If we had a referendum tomorrow, we’d win it.” 

Mr Bray also vowed to keep trying to remain in the EU.

This is despite admitting the chances of this happening were now “tiny.” 

He said: “We haven’t left yet.

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He said: “I don’t blame those people that voted to leave after being promised the Earth, but the sad fact is that we are all going to end up in hell after Brexit happens.

“Every single think tank including the government sad that we are going to be worse of with any form of Brexit.

“We may have a high level of employment, but they are not quality jobs. They are zero-hours jobs.

“The financial sector is the crown jewel in terms of tax revenue. Now the bankers are moving to Germany and France.

“Our standing in the world is gone.”

He also urged Remain voters to not give up hope.

He said: “We haven’t given up and we are not going to give up.

“We need to take this time to reflect about how we campaign and how to become a force to be reckoned with.

“As it stands we are the only effective opposition.

“We have to persevere.”

Mr Bray concluded the election result was “devastating”.

He said that the focus now needed to be on how to “pick up the pieces.”

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