What is Gospel of Thomas - missing Bible chapter changes EVERYTHING known about Jesus

Who wrote the Gospel of Thomas?

The text’s authorship by Thomas the Apostle is rejected by modern Bible scholars, but experts are not sure about who actually wrote it.

The first lines of the text refer to “Didymos Judas Thomas” as the author.

“Didymos” is Greek for twin and the word “Thomas” is Aramaic for twin.

It appears the author’s name was Judas, and his nickname was “the twin”.

The canonical Gospels of the Holy Bible mention a man named Thomas, who John called “didymos Thomas.”

There are also several people named Judas mentioned in the New Testament other than the well-known Judas Iscariot.

There is no mention of a Judas in the New Testament who was also nicknamed Thomas, “the twin.”

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