Animal cruelty: Pregnant dog loses puppies after sick owner ties stomach with wire

The pregnant dog had wire tied around her before she was dumped in a field by her owner. UK charity Paws2Rescue found the terrified pooch and spent hours trying to catch her.

The rescuers rushed her to the vets who saved her life but she lost her puppies.

Paws2Rescue founder Alison Standbridge described the case as “horrifying”.

She said: “This girl was simply abandoned into the fields after she became pregnant.

“As her body grew heavier, there was only one way to stop her puppies being born - to tie wire around her stomach so tightly that it would end their life and most likely hers too.

“Our rescuers saw her running in pain in the fields.

“After hours persevering, they were able to catch her and take her to the vet.

“What we saw was horrifying, the extent of the cruelness of the human mind to harm any living animal broke our hearts in two.

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The case prompted a strong reaction on social media.

One person commented on Facebook: “Going out of your way to be this cruel is beyond me. Thank goodness for organisations like you - imagine their life without you.”

Another tweeted: “Ah this is so upsetting to see! It is unbearable to watch the immense pain humans inflict upon animals. Thank you for keeping her safe!”

A third posted: “Pure evil. Thank goodness you saved her.”

One more said: “This is absolutely heartbreaking people can be so cruel. Thank you for saving her.”

Paws2Rescue, of which animal-loving comedian Ricky Gervais is patron, works to help Romanian stray dogs.

They provide dog food and bedding to shelters, raise funds for veterinary treatment, run education programmes and campaign for neutering.

The charity also helps re-home rescued dogs in the UK and across Europe.

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