Asteroid alert: NASA tracks a 27,000MPH space rock closing in on Earth in less than 12h

“If a comet or asteroids approach brings it to within 1.3 astronomical units of the Sun, we call it a near-Earth object.”

Asteroid AV1 appears to be a smaller representative of the NEO family but the rock is moving at breakneck speeds.

Based on NASA orbital observations, AV1 is flying through at speeds of about 12.06km per second or 26,977mph (43,416km/h).

NASA also estimates the rock only measures somewhere in the range of 55.8ft to 121.4ft (17m to 37m) across.

Towards the upper end of NASA’s scale, the asteroid can be compared to about four-and-a-half London double-decker buses lined up in a row.

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