BBC Newsnight risks being boycotted by Tories over fears new editor is anti-Boris Johnson

The journalist is set to move from Sky News to the Beeb this month where he will take up the role of policy editor for the flagship show on current affairs, hosted by Emily Maitlis. Mr Goodall, who has worked for the BBC in the past, has been an outspoken critic of the Prime Minister and has been accused by Leave supporters of being anti-Brexit. The 30-year-old compared Mr Johnson’s comments likening burka-clad Muslim women to bank robber with former Tory MP Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech which saw him warn against possible consequences of mass immigration.

He hit out at Mr Johnson’s use of words, writing in a blog post that if the same comments had been made by a working-class person they would not have been met with the same response. 

Mr Goodall wrote: “Imagine the same words said with an Essex or Yorkshire or Brummie accent. Imagine them being said not by Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, but by a labourer, on camera for a clip on the six o’clock news.” 

He went on to say Mr Johnson’s words could be seen as “prejudiced, ignorant, rude, vulgar and yes, probably racist”. 

Brexit supporters have accused Mr Goodall of being an “anti-Brexit activist”. 

In September Mr Goodall confronted the Prime Minister’s top aide Dominic Cummings over Mr Johnson’s use of language after he dubbed the Benn Act a “surrender” act. 

Mr Johnson had dismissed MPs’ concerns about death threats as “humbug” but later claimed his word had been misunderstood. 

After Mr Goodall doorstepped Mr Cummings and pressed him on whether he and Mr Johnson were to blame for “whipping up an atmosphere of danger for MPs” with their rhetoric, the Number 10 adviser refused to answer. 

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She also hailed him as an “exceptional journalist”. 

Mr Goodall announced the news in a series of tweets, saying he was delighted to be joining a show “which is proving itself the place to be for making sense of our increasingly mad politics”. 

The Tories’ boycott of the Beeb follows Mr Johnson’s comments on the election campaign trail about the controversial TV licence fee. 

He hinted the annual payment viewers have to fork out, which currently stands at £154.50, could be scrapped. 

He said the Government was “not planning to get rid of all TV licence fees, although I am certainly looking at it”.  

The public service broadcaster was hit with a staggering 24,435 complaints in the run up to the election, many of which accused it of lacking impartiality. 

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