BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood warns of rising temperatures as mini winter heatwave hits UK

BBC Weather forecaster warned temperatures could reach a whopping 14C tomorrow in some southern areas, way above the average for this time of the year. The warmer will hit the country as a band of hot air moves northwards from the south-west of the continent, bringing with it some showers and hill fog. Ms Kirkwood said: “We’re going to see a difference to the temperatures through the course of tomorrow but it’s also going to turn murkier with some patchy rain and some hill fog.

“So tomorrow here is this change of air coming our way, you can see the warmer yellows and ambers indicating the temperatures are on the rise.

“We start tomorrow with sun breaks in the cloud, but essentially the system coming to the south-west with that change of air moves across southern areas bringing a lot of cloud with it, some dampness as well, hill fog and coastal fog.

“We’ll see more extensive cloud across England and Wales generally.

“There will be some breaks through the day, for example across north-east England and meanwhile across Scotland and Northern Ireland we say goodbye to that rain as it pushes steadily northwards.

“Temperatures tomorrow 7C to about 13C. But somewhere in the south could well hit 14C.”

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The warmer conditions will follow a freezing band of cold weather that hit the country at the beginning of the week, with some areas struggling to get above -6C under the

The previously had snow and ice warnings for several parts of the UK today.

While the warnings are no longer active, cold air brought snow, sleet and black ice to areas of Scotland and north-west England.

Blustery conditions also extended into the south, and people struggled to commute via the motorway this in Devon, Derbyshire and Cornwall, Wales and Scotland.

Nicola Maxey, a spokeswoman for the Met Office, said she expects future weather will become more “unsettled”.

She said: “From today, it will mark a change in temperature, it’s becoming milder for many.

“For many, we have seen the last of the cold temperatures for this week and we are more into this unsettled pattern of windy and windy conditions.”

The first week of February will be “often windy” and come with “outbreaks of rain and showers for all areas”, according to the Met Office long-range forecast.

The far north of the country will see it more than most, as the weather will likely remain “changeable” with more wind and rain towards February 10.

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