BBC Weather: Extreme snowstorm risks Europe travel chaos amid freak Mediterranean freeze

A huge snowstorm, named Hephaestion, has submerged Greece, Turkey, the Balkans and the Mediterranean in deep snow. This comes as Scandinavia also suffers a dramatic cold snap as temperatures plunge in the region. In Greece, the huge snowfall coincides with strong gale-force winds, creating blizzard-like conditions.

Authorities have urged citizens to prepare for an onslaught of wind, rain, and snow, amid fears over travel safety.

They have even banned heavy trucks from the roads following the sudden plunge in temperatures.

BBC meteorologist Sarah Keith-Lucas remarked this week in Europe will be one of “big contrasts” in the weather.

Sunshine and low pressure will sweep Germany and Italy, with temperatures reaching highs of 14C.

While cities like Madrid and Rome experience a blast of January sun, northern and southern Europe will be overwhelmed by a sudden influx of snow.

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The BBC weather presenter said: “We have had some really strong winds, some heavy rain and snow across Croatia and Greece.

“And that is moving across Turkey as well. This will linger until mid-week.

“It is also looking unsettled across Scandinavia, bringing snow to places across Norway.

“These strong winds and hill snow will continue across Scandinavia later this week.”

The winds reached speeds up to 161 km/h on Sunday, prompting officials in Greece to shut down several ports. 

However, the forecast shows that after Wednesday, the weather will gradually but steadily become warmer and brighter across the region.

In the UK snow is expected to hit some parts of northern Scotland this week, according to the latest weather charts.

The strong weather systems could bring wind speeds of up to 70mph for some parts of the country, with the Met Office issuing weather warnings for wind.

According to the latest weather forecast charts, there is a high chance of some snow for northwest Scotland, especially over higher ground, on Wednesday.

The Netweather chart, which looks at the risk of snowfall, shows a high chance of the white stuff hitting once again in the same area on Thursday evening.

WxCharts also suggest an increased chance of snowfall in northwest Scotland on Wednesday as bitterly cold air moves in.

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