BBC Weather: Snow alert as temperatures set to plunge - commuter chaos expected

BBC Meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker forecast “wintery” weather for parts of the UK, as he warned early morning commuters to expect “wet slush and snow” in high areas. He noted that a rainy weather front is approaching western parts of the UK. It has been pouring with rain across Northern Ireland, western Scotland, and now rain is reaching other parts of western Britain as well.

Mr Schafernaker told viewers: “The rain is more or less around western Scotland and the north west of England, down towards the west country.

“Through the day, this band of rain will be moving towards the east so the last parts to get the rain will be the eastern parts of the UK.

“But towards the west, the skies are actually going to clear a little bit later on, as soon as the next hour or two across parts of Northern Ireland.

“Now once that weather front moves away tonight, there will actually be a mini weather front following.”

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He continued: “This one could bring a spell of wintery weather to Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England.

“That means that for the early morning commuters on Monday, especially across the hills and the higher routes, there would be some wet slush and snow, perhaps even some icy patches.

“But that’s mostly in the morning. Come the afternoon tomorrow, it will be a day of sunshine and showers.

“Most of the showers will be across these western areas of the UK.”

Mr Schafernaker said: “And the colder spell is being brought by an area of low pressure, which is a chilly source.

“That means through Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, those temperatures will be round about 4, 5, 6 degrees.

“There will be showers carried on through those winds.

“But towards the end of the week, there is a promise of something slightly milder.

“Maybe those temperatures will get up to round about 12, or even 14 degrees.”

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