Cosmic dangers: Betelgeuse supernova prompts fears cataclysm could strike 'closer to home'

Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, the founder and leader of the nation Asgardia, believes the Betelgeuse supernova could start a dialogue on more pressing dangers such as strikes.

The rocket scientist and Russian billionaire said: “Should the star of Betelgeuse become a supernova, it would make for a great spot of stargazing, indeed.

“We are lucky that Betelgeuse is so far away from our solar system that we need not worry about the implications of this implosion.

“Nonetheless, at Asgardia we certainly hope that events such as these help people realise the nature of space phenomena and how volatile and spontaneous they can be.

“As nobody has predicted the outcome of what would happen to Betelgeuse, we should all take notice and realise that this could happen much closer to home, and it is only due to Lady Luck that we haven't been so affected yet.”

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