EU misery as European Parliament chief Sassoli laments Brexit as a 'wound' for bloc

The Italian politician told CNN's Nina dos Santos that there will be "pain" involved in seeing London as a city that is far from Brussels, Rome and Paris. Mr Sassoli stated that the will of the British people to leave the European Union had to be respected. Brexit will mark the ending of a 47-year long economic partnership between the UK and the EU. 

Ms dos Santos said: "We have come to the end of a 47 year-long economic partnership.

"Brexit is set to happen this week like it or not.

"Now starts a new relationship, in all honest where do you think that relationship will lead?"

Mr Sassoli replied: "Well, of course, this is a wound for us.

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"To think of London as far from Brussels, Rome, Paris there is certainly pin involved in that.

"We have to respect the will of the British citizens and a new chapter in our relations with the UK."

He continued: “Well, it’s a very complicated agreement... after 45 years and more of cooperation we have to bear that in mind when we look at the future relationship.

"It’s very very intensive work that we have to do, I don’t think that anybody could think we could do that in a couple of months."

Mr Gibbon said: "In his memoirs, David Cameron says it wasn’t all about Nigel Farage about calling a referendum, it was something I could see coming down the tracks that had to be done."

The Brexit Party leader replied: "Utter rot. They did not want to have this referendum."

Mr Gibbon said: "You scared them into that corner."

Mr Farage responded: "They were losing support to us in such a big way.

"They were losing good people to us around the country and his biggest fear of all was that a number of MPs would cross the floor and join us."

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