HMS Enterprise emergency evacuation: Helicopter lifts sailor to shore after sudden illness

The HMS Enterprise sailors had to keep cool heads as they enacted a casualty evacuation. 

It happened while the Echo-class survery ship was sailing in the Asia Pacific, south of Japan.

One of the sailors on board needed urgent medical treatment ashore.

While the ship does not have an aircraft of its own, the US 7th Fleet sent two HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopters to pick up the casualty and take him to shore.

The sailor had an irregular heartbeat and it meant the ship needed to make a alteration of its course towards Okinawar, Japan.

Sailors from the HMS Enterprise used their strong relations with US and Japanese counterparts to ensure the sailor was treated in just a few hours. 

HMS Enterprise Commanding Officer Captain Cecil Ladislaus said: “I am proud of the professionalism and commitment of our fellow nations and of our sailors, without whom we could have been facing a very different situation.”

A medical team were waiting for the ill man when he arrived safely on shore. 

The ship's company rose to the challenge and they were ready to call "hands to flying stations".

Being so far away from home, the crew relied on effective pre-deployment training and regular on-board training. 

This was to ensure they were ready to act when the time came.

With the Pave Hawks inbound, HMS Enterprise was prepared to receive the US Air Force pararescueman onto deck and complete the evacuation successfully.

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HMS Enterprise is a survey vessel, it is manned by experts that examine and map the sea floor. 

The ship has surveyed hundreds of thousands of sqaure miles of ocean floor.

As well as this, the HMS Enterprise acts as a floating base for minehunters.

It houses around 50 personnel on board.

Throughout the ships last deployment, it saved 9,180 lives.

Over the past five years the HMS Enterprise has been invovled in a diverse range of activities. 

Activities include detecting mines in the Arabian Gulf to saving lives and disrupting the work of human traffickers as part of a European taskgroup Operation Sophia.

HMS Enterprise had also filled in as the Falkland Island's Patrol Vessel.

It most recently acted as the flagship to Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group 2.

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