Macron’s riot squad batter protestors while they cower on the ground as mass clash erupts

Yellow Vest protests continue across France with some descending into violence. A video of the riot police’s response to the protests in Paris on Saturday highlighted the intensity of the clashes between the two groups. The protests have recently gained new momentum following a nationwide strike against President Emmanuel Macron’s pension reform ideas.

Over the weekend Yellow-vest protestors took to the streets once more chanting slogans against the government and the French President.

The footage shows police using batons against activists as they attempt to push them further back down the street.

As the riot police can be seen moving out in force some are shown battering protestors with their batons while they shield themselves on the floor.

Tear gas was also used to help disperse the massive crowds.

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As more videos of riot police beating protestors circulated it prompted activists to accuse police of using disproportionate force to stop the demonstrations.

Police said they had made 59 arrests as of 8 pm local time.

They added that officers had to “systematically intervene” to stop “abuses committed by violent groups.”

Yellow Vest have been taking to the streets to protests every weekend since November 2018.

He has been attending the packed Paris theatre close to the Eurostar, reportedly with his wife Brigitte, when the protest took place.

Around 30 demonstrators tried to bulldoze their way inside to reach him. 

While police tried to hold back the protesters, several managed to break into the building, amid chants of "Macron, resign!"

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