Nintendo Switch games LEAK as top PS4 and Xbox One title is revealed

A new Nintendo Switch games leak has surfaced online that suggests Metro Exodus is coming to the handheld console. 2019 also saw clues pointing to the eventual release of the hit shooter on Switch and now it appears it’s all but confirmed. Metro Exodus was well-received when it launched last year on PS4, Xbox One and PC, and there’s been plenty of appetite for more releases.

Developers 4A Games has also made it available to play on Xbox Game Pass, as well as the recently launched Google Stadia Cloud Gaming platform.

And without needing to rely on anonymous online tips, the latest leak connecting Metro Exodus to Nintendo Switch comes from PEGI.

The site confirms that Metro Exodus has now been rated for release on Nintendo Switch, without providing a date.

Reference to a release date on December 31, 2019, can be found on the PEGI site but as that has passed, we can discount that.

This latest Nintendo Switch games update would fit into a recent rumour suggesting a new Direct live stream event is being worked on.

The last time the House of Mario held a proper Nintendo Direct was back in September, although there has also been a recent Nindie event hosted by the company.

The last major Nintendo Direct officially unveiled Animal Crossing New Horizons as well as announcing Overwatch Switch and a Smash Bros DLC fighter.

Recent clues point to a big event coming our way for the start of 2020, which is great news for fans.

Firstly, in December Nintendo held an Indie World stream - and typically when this happens a Direct follows a month later.

There has also been a few retail leaks that suggest something is coming in the near future for Nintendo fans.

Gamestop has apparently updated its database with new Switch SKU Listings, without providing any names or release details.

In the past, this has pointed to an upcoming Direct event, which would then see the SKU listings updated with the new information.

And with Metro Exodus now rated for the handheld console, it would make sense for the shooter to be announced this month during a Nintendo Direct event.

Unfortunately, we don’t’ have any information related to a release date for Metro Exodus on Switch.

We would expect this to be shared during a January Nintendo Direct, which could be announced in the coming weeks.

, with Liam Martin stating at the time: “With thick layers of dirt, rust and grime, Metro's claustrophobic corridors and tightly-packed tunnels were never what you would call pretty, but they were detailed enough to make them believable.

“Metro Exodus is even more impressive, because not only must you scamper through these slimy, putrid underground areas, but you'll also make your way to the surface as part of a year-long quest spanning all four seasons.

“From the icy wastelands of Volga to the scorching deserts of the Caspian, these expansive overworld areas are a visual treat.

“With equally impressive character models, frighteningly realistic weather effects and some truly monstrous enemies, Metro Exodus is a consistent delight in the graphical stakes.”

If Metro Exodus is announced for Nintendo Switch, it will be an 18+ and require a sizable amount of Nintendo Switch console space.

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