PS4 News: January PS Plus latest as Sony make new PS5 reveal

Today, January 1, 2020, is the date when the new PS Plus free games are expected to be announced by Sony.

The PS4 reveal will happen at around 4:30pm, GMT, and will cover all the big news for the subscription service.

We can probably expect at least two PS4 games to be announced as free to download, while Sony may also choose a few other bonuses to throw in as well.

An example of this from last year would be the Warframe: PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III, which was announced alongside Portal Knights and Steep.

The exclusive PS Plus bundle included 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, Quanta (a Corpus laser rifle), Quanta Obsidian Skin, 7-Day Affinity Booster, and a 7-Day Credit Booster.

PS Plus members were able to claim the pack for free until January 15, 2019, meaning it was only available for a short time.

Sony also launched the Firewall Zero Hour: Weekend Trial Demo as part of its PS Plus January release.

This included all the modes from the full game (Single Player Training – Player vs. AI, Multiplayer Training – Co-op vs AI, and Multiplayer Contracts – PVP Players vs Players), as well as the entire roster of maps in the game, including the newly added map, Containment.

This was another limited-time offer and also gave something for PlayStation VR gamers to try out and enjoy.

As of right now, we don’t know what will be included in the PS Plus January 2020 announcement for PS4 gamers.

But there should be high hopes of some top games and bundles if last year is anything to go by.

For now, there are plenty of other PS Plus bundles available on the PlayStation Store, including the recently launched Star Trek Online: Awakening Cobalt Pack.

This is a free package for those playing the free Star Trek Online game and includes the following items:

“This is an exclusive Cobalt colored version of the Altamid Plasma Myrmidon Wrist Ground Weapon along with some items that will help in the fight against the Elachi.

“This pack can only be claimed once per account and you must have completed the tutorial This pack includes the following items for your captain:

  • 1 Cobalt Altamid Plasma Myrmidon Ground Weapon
  • 12 Inventory Slots
  • 3 Master Keys

While the upcoming PS Plus announcement will be big news for gamers this week, we’re also learning more about Sony’s future plans.

The PS5 is set to be launched later this year and PlayStation have yet to fully unveil a number of key details regarding the console.

This includes things like price and design, both of which could play key roles in its future success.

Fans also want to hear more about Sony’s plan for backwards compatibility with the PS4 and what is happening with PSVR support.

There’s still plenty of details to find out but something we did learn this week is that developers are enjoying working on new games for the console.

This comes directly from a recent interview with PlayStation boss, Shuhei Yoshida, who was talking to Dengeki Online.

“[The ease] of making [PS5] software is at a level never [seen before],” said Yoshida via Wccftech.

“If the difficulty of hardware becomes the hurdle to overcome, [developers can’t] concentrate on making games.

“Anyway, hardware makes it easier to create games so you can spend more time creating games.”

If this proves to be true, it removes a key hurdle in the way of the PS5’s success and a lesson learnt from the PS3.

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