UK weather forecast: North set for bone chilling Sunday as freezing weather continues

There will be some some showers and some sunshine but things will be especially cold in the north. That’s according to the latest Met Office forecast. Meteorologist Simon Partridge explained: “It’s a mixture of showers and some sunny spells first thing this morning.

“It will be considerably colder across the north than it was this time yesterday.”

He continued: “There’s a risk of some icy patches across Scotland as well first thing.

“Mostly dry for Northern Ireland, but across Wales and the Midlands, pretty cloudy start to the day.”

There will be a few outbreaks of rain and a cloudy start to the day across the south east.

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Mr Partridge said: “Things will brighten up in the southwest and that is really a sign of how things will develop as we head through the remainder of the day.”

The cloud will clear through the morning across the central and eastern portions of the country.

There will be showers throughout the day “most frequent down the west and again they will continue to fall as sleet or snow across the high ground of Scotland”.

Whilst temperatures will hit 11C (51.8F) at 1500 in London, it will be a much cooler 7C (44.6F) in Newcastle and 4C (39.2F) in Aberdeen at the same time.

During the evening, there is forecast to be more frequent showers.

They will make their way through Northern Ireland and the western portions of Great Britain.

The eastern side of the UK will stay dry overnight.

There are no Met Office weather warnings in place for Sunday.

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