Aliens are US: UFO are piloted by time travelling human 'distant descendants' - claim

“Back in 1915, when Einstein published his theory of general relativity and with the 10 field equations that went along with it, he laid out a way in which backward time travel may be possible.

“You have van Stockum, Professor Frank Tipler, the Gödel universe, all of these models and all of these formula that have been developed out of Einstein’s original field equations demonstrate that if you have a large enough mass or highly energetic body with rotational force, it can create rendering and it can create the reorientation of late cones toward the past and therefore closed time-like curve.

“So more than just a belief and whether or not it takes place, there’s broad consensus of physicists that there’s nothing in the laws of physics that prohibits it, and if that’s the case, given our long history of technological innovation, it’s very likely that we’ll figure out a way to engineer something and the way to build materials that can withstand those energies and those forces

“Because it does so ubiquitously draw from energetic massive entities with rotation, which would seem to be something similar to a UFO, I make the case that those are probably the time machines themselves, that they have a form that may allow for the function of backward time travel.“

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