Apex Legends Kings Canyon return countdown: Season 4 update for PS4 and Xbox One

In a new Season 4 update coming this week, Respawn has confirmed that they will be bringing back the Kings Canyon map. This was the map that the game initially launched with back in 2019 and was later replaced with the current World's Edge. Kings Canyon was altered during its run, and it seems likely that this will be the version of the map we see come back this week.

“A new containment outpost and additional camps have been constructed across the arena, but the most eye-catching of all is certainly the Cage,” Respawn confirmed at the time.

“This six-story behemoth is meant to draw competitors to supplies like moths to a grisly flame. It seems the Mercenary Syndicate has no plans to let this attack stall the Apex Games and have used it as an opportunity to create an even greater spectacle.

“In the aftermath of the tower’s collapse, the once-peaceful Leviathans that hovered beyond the cliffs of Kings Canyon tore through the arena, destroying several familiar landmarks in their violent stampede.

“The small, abandoned town on which they settled is now little more than a pile of rubble.”

While it's good news for fans of the first map that Kings Canyon is returning this week, the downside is that it won’t for very long.

“We're going back to where it all started,” a message from Respawn explains.

“Starting tomorrow through Feb 24, in addition to World's Edge, Season 1 Kings Canyon will also be available to play.”

No reason has been given for the return of Kings Canyon but it seems like a good time to test whether the game can effectively run two different maps without causing matchmaking issues.

Apex Legends recently launched Season 4 as part of its ongoing live service available on PC and consoles.

This saw a new character, Revenant, become available to play, as well as a number of changes to the World’s Edge map.

A new Season 4 Battle Pass is also available to purchase and it appears that this new season of content will be running for several months.

There is currently no word on whether the return of Kings Canyon will come packaged in a new update.

If so, it would make sense for official patch notes to be made available tomorrow, February 21, 2020.

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