UFO sighting: Google Maps reveals 'glowing alien craft abducting plane' in Fiji

Self-styled UFO expert Scott Waring revealed his latest shock find on his etdatabase.com site. He said: “I think I have have found a plane being abducted by a UFO in the Fiji area.

“If you look carefully you can see a black shadow around the plane as if there was a bubble forming, like it is being sucked inside.

“And if you look at the UFO itself, there are distinctive jagged edges, which is totally odd.”

The image, thought to have been discovered only yesterday is freely available for all to see on Google Maps at the coordinates: 18° 3’22.84”S 178°41’8.51”E.

The anomaly is a pinkish semicircle and at the front turning into a glowing white at its rear.

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“I believe this UFO has been caught scanning this plane before abducting it.

“This may be a frozen in time event with the aliens erasing the memories of the people on board and then put them back hours later.

“This is an example of an alien abduction taking place over the ocean in a plane.

“This is 100 percent proof aliens are abducting humans.”

The strange conspiracy theory quickly attracted scores of comments on the etdatabasse.com YouTube channel.

Girl With A Flaxen Hair appeared convinced by Waring’s claim, commenting: “Amazing find this airplane like you said frozen in time, amazing work!”

However, K Bell was more sceptical about the alien abduction theory, commenting: “Conjecture. One image that can’t be explained is not evidence for a UFO.”

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