Coronavirus death toll rises: Is COVID-19 fulfilling Bible prophecies of Revelation?

The Horsemen are said to represent War, Famine, Death and Pestilence or Plague.

According to evangelist Gerald Flurry, coronavirus can be interpreted as one of the four harbingers of doom.

In an article for The Trumpet, he said: “These horsemen symbolise the endtime culmination of the most devastating woes endured by mankind because of his rebellion against his Creator!”

But the Book of Revelation is not the only biblical scripture to supposedly offer insight into future places and epidemics.

Mr Flurry said: “Jesus Christ Himself said pandemics of pestilence would happen before His return: ‘For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be … pestilences … in divers places’.

“Pestilence in this context means disease outbreaks on a massive scale.”

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