Coronavirus horror: Mob violence plunges Italy into chaos - looting turns rampant

Italy is at risk of total social collapse according to experts, following a surge in supermarket raids and robberies in the country's southern region. Police have been deployed to patrol supermarkets in Sicily after plots organising raids and thefts were discovered online. There is mounting concern that violence could soon break out due to food shortages after the Italian government extended its strict lockdown until Easter. 

He said: "This person came down here from Lombardy on 9 March - today it's the 29th and only now have we discovered they have tested positive.

"If for 20 days this person hasn't rigorously respected quarantine, for 20 days they have met people who met other people etc then enough.

"One person who doesn't respect the quarantine is enough for the virus to spread."

Following this, a furious mob of people gathered outside her home, prompting mask-wearing police to arrive on the scene and turn away the protesters. 

Italy has recorded the most coronavirus deaths in the world, with more than 11,500 people dead.

There are concerns over civil unrest in the country's south, where there are soaring levels of unemployment and deprivation.

Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando told daily newspaper La Stampa: "We need to act fast, more than fast. Distress could turn into violence."

On Saturday, the government announced an urgent £355million fund to help people struggling to buy food. 

Luigi d'Angelo from the Italian Civil Protection is hopeful that the lockdown can be lifted sometime in April, with a "return to normality by June".

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