Call of Duty Warzone update: PS4 and Xbox Modern Warfare patch news for COD

It’s already been a busy week for Infinity Ward, but now it looks like another Warzone update is being worked on. Following feedback from Modern Warfare fans this week, Activision has decided to make a few tweaks to what game modes are available. So far, Infinity Ward has made it possible to play Solo, Quads and Trios in Call of Duty Warzone.

But these options have rarely been available at the same time, and this has led to some criticism from gamers.

This week saw Trios changed to include just Sniper Rifles and Shotguns, along with the removal of vehicles and Loadout Drops.

It makes for a different experience but perhaps not one that fits everyone’s needs. Quads is another good option, but it’s hard to get a dedicated group together.

As pointed out by Activision earlier this month, having a group of four players makes communication key, and that’s not always possible when playing with random gamers.

“Agreeing on a landing zone, pinging and calling out loot locations or enemy movements, ensuring everyone has a ride or an alternative means of transportation, and reviving each other are just some of the ways one can be a team player.

Having an additional Operator will also make certain Contracts easier, such as Scavenger Contracts, where your team can split up slightly to capture Resupply Boxes scattered around the map.”

And based on recent feedback from fans, Infinity Ward has decided to bring back normal Warzone Trios as an option.

This isn’t happening right away, so fans will need to wait a little longer before they can get back to Trios in Warzone.

According to Infinity Ward, they will be releasing a new Call of Duty Modern Warfare Playlist update on Thursday, April 16.

However, this will be happening in US time, meaning that gamers in the UK won’t get to play normal Trios again until April 17, at around 7am, BST.

For COD gamers in the United States, it will still be a late launch, with the update going live at around 11pm, PST.

It’s unclear if Activision will choose to make other changes to the game, or just keep it simple.

It’s also unclear if Scopes and Scatter Guns will remain an option, or will be removed as part of the Playlist changes.

A message from Infinity Ward explains: “We hear you loud and clear! We'll be doing a playlist update tomorrow night, Thursday, April 16th at 11PM PST that brings BR Trios back to Warzone.”

While COD gamers get ready for its return, Infinity Ward has been sharing some tips on Warzone gameplay.

This includes highlighting the power of launchers, something that COD gamers are becoming more aware of.

This is mainly due to how players have started using vehicles to win games and make it to the final circle.

Launchers are one of the most affected ways to remove an entire team but comes at the cost of a slot.

“Launchers are a catch-all term for the PILA, the anti-vehicle launcher (JOKR), the RPG, and the Grenade Launcher,” a message from Infinity Ward explains.

“Although they all are used slightly differently, they all have one common strength: they deal massive damage to vehicles.

“Outside of the RPG and the Grenade Launcher, which can also deal decent splash damage to Operators, these weapons are best used against enemy vehicles.

“Against fellow Operators, well-placed bullets have a better chance of downing them compared to an errant rocket shot.

“Save your ammo for vehicles – which can make squad-wiping explosions – or Attack Helicopters in Plunder to make the most of these tools.”

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