Fortnite update 12.30.1 PATCH NOTES: Maintenance server downtime, new event, items, more

 update 12.30.1 is about to be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

Maintenance update 12.30.1 is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World on April 8.

Unusually, however, despite not being a full update, the patch will be released during server from maintenance from 7am UK time.

It's unlikely to be a big update, so expect the game to be back online by 9am BST at the latest.

The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter: "Hi, everyone. We have a maintenance patch requiring downtime scheduled to release on April 8.

"Downtime will begin at 2 AM ET (0600 UTC). We'll provide updates both when downtime begins and ends."

According to the early patch notes, the maintenance update will make a few minor fixes.

It's possible that it will also lay the foundation for an end of season event in the coming weeks.

Likewise, Epic Games could potentially introduce a new in-game item to Battle Royale.

As you can see from the patch notes below, only three fixes are confirmed for update 12.30.1.

This includes a fix for a crash that occurs when changing cosmetic styles, as well as an issue with the Codaxe Pickaxe.

Finally, PS4 owners can expect to see an improvement in terrain textures, which suffered after the release of last week's update 12.30.

Fortnite update 12.30.1 early patch notes - confirmed fixes...

• Crash when changing styles for cosmetics in the Locker.

- We're investigating and working to resolve a crash that can occur when changing styles for cosmetics in the Locker.

• Codaxe Pickaxe Disabled

- Due to an issue, the Codaxe Pickaxe has been disabled.

• Low Quality PS4 Map Textures

- Some terrain textures on PS4 are visually degraded since 12.30.

Fortnite update 12.30.1 early patch notes - fixes in next update...

• Controllers may not vibrate when the player takes damage.

- Players using a controller may not experience any vibration feedback when taking damage.

• Grenade temporarily disabled.

 - Due to an issue, the Grenade has been temporarily disabled. We'll provide an update when the Grenade has been re-enabled.

• "Pull a player or Henchman with a Harpoon Gun" Challenge not working with Henchmen.

 - Skye's "Pull a player or Henchman with a Harpoon Gun" Challenge may not work with Henchmen.

• Visualized Audio pulses icons instead of being solid.

 - Visualize SFX Audio will pulse the direction of audio sources instead of showing them consistently. Audio appears from the correct direction and source.

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