Labour POLL: Should Boris Johnson be worried about Keir Starmer in opposition?

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has pledged to bring an end to years of bitter infighting and work with the Government when it is the right thing to do, while testing Boris Johnson’s arguments and challenging the failures. The defeat of Rebecca Long-Bailey - an ally of the outgoing leader Jeremy Corbyn - and the election of Angela Rayner as Mr Starmer’s deputy, heralded the end of the party leadership’s embrace of a radical socialism that was crushed in the December election.

Mr Johnson immediately congratulated Mr Starmer on Twitter and the pair agreed on the importance of working together.

But is asking you should Prime Minister Mr Johnson be worried about the threat in the wake of Mr Starmer's appointment as new party opposition leader?

Mr Starmer, a former director of public prosecutions who is well known for opposing the country’s exit from the EU, won with 56 percent of the vote.


And many centrist Labour politicians celebrated the result as a sign that the current Tory government would finally face proper scrutiny.

Mr Corbyn's ally Ms Long-Bailey came second in the party’s vote with 28 percent and Lisa Nandy was third with 16 percent.

The party of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown endured its worst election performance since 1935 in December, when infighting over strategy, a confused policy over Brexit and allegations of unchecked anti-Semitism turned traditional voters away.

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“I will lead this great party into a new era, with confidence and with hope.”

Mr Starmer said once the country emerges on the other side, once the hospital wards have emptied and the threat subsided, it would need to build a fairer society, where key workers on the front line receive decent salaries and better chances in life.

He added: “Our purpose when we do that is the same as the government’s, to save lives."

It comes after Mr Starmer was accused of lamely tweeting like an 'angry member of the public' rather than acting as the leader of Her Majesty's Opposition. 

The new Labour leader was savaged for opportunistic yet pointless empty rhetoric after tweeting his outrage at the lack of personal protective equipment accessible to NHS staff.

Keir Starmer tweeted: "It is quite frankly insulting to imply frontline staff are wasting PPE. 

"There are horrific stories of NHS staff and care workers not having the equipment they need to keep them safe."

But Labour-supporters on social media were furious he was lamely tweeting rather than formally addressing the Government of Mr Johnson.

One twitter follower of Mr Starmer called the Labour leader's outburst "pure political opportunism from a faux socialist!

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