Twitter block: How to stop someone following you on Twitter

Most Twitter users enjoy interacting with a wide variety of people. A minority, however, would rather only share their thoughts with only those they know.

Why strangers follow you on Twitter:

If someone follows you on Twitter, they will appear in your followers' list, can view your tweets in their timeline and are able to start a private conversation with you.

People follow those they do not know because they may admire and connect with your intellect, wish to start a debate or may simply find you funny.

Random people may also follow you just to receive a follow in return.

More followers means more visibility, whether you just want attention or have something to promote.


How to stop someone following you on Twitter:

After signing up for Twitter, tweets are by default public.

This means literally anyone can follow you, view your tweets, and interact with on the social media platform.

Users will consequently need to set your Twitter account to private to stop others from following you.

Once Twitter is set to private, you will receive a notification when new people wish to follow you, which can be approved or denied.

To set your Twitter account to private, start by opening Twitter and select the Settings icon.

Now select Privacy and Safety and toggle on Protect your Tweets.

Your tweets will now only appear to those Twitter users who follow you.

Should anyone wish to follow you, you have to approve these Twitter users.

To approve or deny follower requests, go your Twitter profile.

Simply select Followers, Pending Follower Requests to view those who have requested to follow you, then simply select Accept or Decline.

How to block a Twitter follower:

Users always have recourse to blocking somebody following you on Twitter,

Start by selecting the down arrow icon located at the top of a Tweet from the account you wish to block.

Select Block, then Select Block again to confirm your intention.

Now the blocked account from now on cannot follow you or view your tweets.

Experts recommend using a service such as StatusPeople's Fake Follower Check to learn what percentage of your followers are fake, real, or inactive.

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