Valorant Twitch Drops time: Beta key release date news and Twitch Rivals update

Valorant Twitch Drops will be commencing during today’s Twitch Rivals showcase, giving gamers another shot at securing a Valorant Beta Key. Riot Games has teamed up with Twitch as part of the signup process and that means you need to have your Riot Games account linked with a Twitch account for an opportunity to play. The Closed Beta is set to begin today, April 7, at around 1pm BST, although only in certain regions.

Most gamers who want to join the closed beta have probably completed this part of the process and are now waiting for their next chance to watch on Twitch.

And the good news is that this will be happening soon, making sure there will be plenty of people participating in the closed beta.

Today will see the next Twitch Rivals event for Valorant, which will also include the chance of earning a beta key.

To earn a Valorant beta key, gamers will need to be watching one of the Twitch streams with a Drops Enabled tag assigned to it.

Valorant Game Director Joe Ziegler gave an update on Twitter, telling fans: “It has been an exciting day so far! For those of you who have access, congratulations! For those who haven’t by the end of the stream day, don’t be discouraged!

“A lot more drops are coming on when we go live April 7th and will continue to roll out following April 7th.”


The second Valorant Twitch Drops event will begin at 09:45am PT, on the streaming service.

This will mean Twitch Rivals kicking off at 5:45pm GMT for gamers in the UK, with a second event being held later today.

This first wave of matches include EMEA Creators, including Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions.

The match schedule features best-of-1 matches in each region, and all Twitch Partners are welcome to co-stream the Twitch Rivals broadcast.

It should be noted that the second wave of Twitch Rivals Creator Matches will be kicking off today at the later time of 2pm PT.

This second wave of matches will feature North American Creator Matches and will give gamers another chance at earning a beta key.

It should be noted that there won’t be enough Valorant beta keys for everyone who is watching and the ones that are distributed will work in Canada, United States, Russia, Turkey and Europe.

A message from Twitch confirms: “Twitch Rivals will showcase 5v5 matches from content creators who got a chance to try out VALORANT and recorded their perspective.

“Some of those Twitch streamers will play back their perspective of the match, in realtime, together. The /TwitchRivals broadcast will jump from perspective to perspective to showcase the full match.

“Select Twitch streams will be eligible for Drops beginning on April 3, so link your Twitch Account & Riot Games Account for the opportunity to get exclusive Closed Beta Access starting on April 7th.

“Look for the “Drops Enabled” tag, as well as the “Drops are enabled! Continue watching” text below the stream for verified Drops enabled channels."

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