Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 release: Is FFVII Remake Part 1 coming to PC next?

PC and Xbox One gamers look set to follow their PlayStation counterparts in enjoying Final Fantasy 7 Remake. And from what has been shared so far, there’s a good chance they will have caught in the story before FF7 Remake Part 2 hits shelves. For now, the PlayStation platform remains the only place you can play the first instalment in Square Enix’s ambitious reimagining of the 1996 classic.

And the episodic nature of the game means that many are now waiting for the next part to arrive.

It was recently revealed just how popular the reimagined Final Fantasy game has proven, with Sony revealing that FF7 Remake had topped the digital charts during April.

This left Call of Duty: Modern Warfare taking the runner-up spot, followed by NBA 2K20 and GTA V.

Beat Saber, Creed: Rise to Glory, and Job Simulator took the top spots for PS VR, and Call of Duty: Warzone was the top free-to-play game for April.

And having endured a very long wait for the first part of the revamped story, gamers are now wondering when the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 release date will arrive.

And for those waiting on Xbox One and PC, the bigger question is when they will get access to the new FF7 package?


Square Enix has not provided an official release date for FF7 Remake on Xbox One and PC.

However, it has been confirmed when the game will stop being a timed exclusive on PS4, which is the next best thing.

Physical packaging for the game confirms that this period will end on April 10, 2021, at least in some regions.

This doesn’t guarantee that it will be available to play on that exact date, but it does give a pretty good idea of when things might start happening.

So a new announcement regarding the Square Enix hit coming to other platforms seems likely.

Away from that, the official FF7 Remake trailer confirmed that some of its content has been captured on PC.

This might not be enough to prove the new version of the game is in development but it’s a nice hint that something is being worked on.


While we know that the first part of the episodic journey is a timed PS4 exclusive, we don’t know if the same deal is in place for the others.

There is a chance that all compatible platforms will get access to Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 on the same day.

However, what does seem certain is that Part 1 will become playable on Xbox One and PC before FF7 Remake Part 2 arrives.

While Part 2 is unlikely to take the years it took for FF7 Remake to arrive, it probably won't be popping up within less than a year of the first launch.

Fans have been given hope that the wait for Part 2 won't be as long as the wait in-between the FF7R announcement and its actual launch.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced back at E3 2015 with the Remake launching just under five years after that.

And fans have been teased that development on the next instalment should be more "efficient".

Producer Tetsuya Nomura has also given fans a few more clues about when Part 2 will be released. Translated from the Japanese Ultimania book, Nomura said that the company hopes to release the next game ASAP.

The downside, however, is that the games may be split into smaller parts.

"If we divide the story into large parts, it’ll take longer to make," he said. "If we divide it into more detailed smaller sections, then developing it will be faster. I hope to release the next one ASAP."

While the comments may have been mistranslated, it looks like fans may not have very long for Part 2.

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