Valorant closed beta expands, adds new rules for Twitch Drops and keys

There’s been plenty of news this week from Riot Games and we now know that the Valorant closed beta will be expanding this month. The team behind the hit new shooter has confirmed that more players will be able to join in and test Valorant in the coming days. Riot Games has always promised that they would expand the closed beta whenever it was possible. And now more regions will be added on May 5, making it possible for more players to enjoy the Valorant closed beta on PC.

The new regions joining the testing period are as follows Brazil, Korea, and Latin America.

It should also be noted that Riot Games and Twitch have changed the way Valorant Beta Keys are earned through Twitch Drops.

As gamers already know, Valorant closed beta keys are given out to fans watching Twitch streams.

This means having your Twitch Account linked to your Riot Account, making it possible to grab a Twitch Drop.

Gamers become eligible after a few hours but the number of keys available are limited, leading to some streamers running 24-hour drops streams.

These streams would be tagged as live but actually include pre-recorded content, which is not how the system is supposed to be used.

And the practise has now been stopped, with Twitch confirming they had been listening to fan feedback over recent weeks.

“We’ve heard concerns about creators continuously streaming VODs while tagging the channel as "Live" to farm Valorant Drops,” a message from Twitch adds.

“This harms the integrity of our Drops Program so we’ve updated our Community Guidelines to clarify that cheating any Twitch rewards system is prohibited.”

Riot Games has also been discussing how they hope to run the Valorant Store when the game is released this Summer.

This will include bought content remaining cosmetic in nature, meaning it won’t provide any kind of gameplay boost for the buyer.

A message from Riot Games adds: “The collection of optional extras will never affect gameplay, so all you need to focus on is hitting your shots and going B, but then going A. Or going A, but going A.

“Even with all the different customizations we have ready and planned, we made sure all content—weapon skins especially—are designed not to interfere with gameplay.

“While the characteristics of a weapon might change when customized by a skin (model, animation, visual effects, audio), these features are not intended to provide positive or negative advantage to a player. If we find any skin does cross this line, know it was accidental and that we will adjust.

“Additionally, it’s important to note that other players will only see your skin’s model changes.

“Every other change, from new reload/equip animations, to visual effects and sounds, will only apply to your personal game experience with no impact on other players (i.e. a Vandal with a different skin will always sound like a Vandal to the enemy).”

Riot Games has also confirmed that new Agents will be unlocked by completing Agent Contracts.

For the Agent contract, you can either grind or purchase your way to tier 5 (directly to the Agent).

Beyond that, through tiers 6-10, you’ll have to earn purely through play. This is how you’ll prove you really are the world’s biggest Viper one-trick.

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